How often are you happy?

Do SZA people experience extended feeling of happiness, or is it more short lived? I know I had the ability to become super happy before my illness but I think that was the onset of bipolar. Now happiness is hard to find for me I don’t know about you maybe it is the medicine. But when I feel like I accomplished something and am taking care of things that need to be done. I feel as if I can sit back and be happy about it.

Im kind of the same way. I feel happy when I get stuff done. I had to drop a class because the prof had terrible ratings and the syllabus was like the size of a book and so I was like f it and now I am taking only four classes this semester. It makes me feel better to work and lift weights. I feel happy after going to class and going to the gym. I also feel happy to meet new people, I met a new person yesterday.

But I also feel happy to just not have bad days. I’ve had plenty of bad days and even so-so days are enough to make me feel happy…my life was miserable for over a year, I was noncompliant with treatment and very symptomatic, so even boring days are way better than the past.


ive learnt to live in the moment most of the time leading to inner peace which triggers good feelings. i often question myself sometimes though and say why should i feel bad? i did noting wrong, which enhances my well being., choose my choices internal free will. i’m gone very optimistic lately which is a bonus:)


Me too though it doesn’t happen often.

also ive learnt to take noting for granted, i even take some what satisfaction from all the little things we sometimes don’t notice, such as having sight, senses, food, drinks, talking. sleep, humours, blood circlating, growth,ect… all add up as a appreacition for me.


I’m happy when I don’t think too deeply about my situation but now my daughter it’s exhibiting symptoms of schizophrenia I am desperately unhappy. When I don’t think about it and the voices aren’t too bad I’m ok but if she’s not ok then I’m not ok and her future worries me. My dogs make me happy, my kids make me happy. The mess in my house makes me unhappy but when I’m bad I don’t have much motivation to clean and it’s bad at the moment. Not as bad as it could b but bad nonetheless. It’s the little things that make me happy I think. My babies smiles and my dogs saggy tails. If I don’t look too deeply I’m fine but that’s just avoidance.

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I dont honestly know if its happiness that I feel. I can feel euphoria and at times hypomania and mania - but true happiness, it might be short lasting

I haven’t been happy in years. Probably like 16 years or something like that.

As long as i don’t have a panic attack, or suffer from intrusive thoughts, or am ill with a cold or flu i am grateful even though it is not happiness. I would be really grateful if I did not have my problem. I would live my life much differently.


i aim for contentment which is between sad and happy , it is easier to achieve.
take care


Im not happy.

And i don’t understand how people can be anymore.

I was happy, but i was just young, young and dumb.


What is happy? I ponder…
I think there is more to happy then meets the eye. I think there are many shades of happy. Happy doesn’t seem to stand alone does it.

Some people need adrenaline rush rush to feel happy, and some need danger to feel happy, others need other stuff or people to feel happy.

Then what does that do for the road runner of Joy or fleeting glimmer of ecstatic? Or the deep well of bliss?

For me, I think any euphoria is a wash of something from the circus. Because it hits me like a sneak wave.

But “happy” is very muted and mushed up a flavor of weak neapolitan ice cream. It’s hard to taste it all and I’m never sure which part I’m tasting.

Happy is so tiny I have to be very still to know it’s there. It’s easy to just assume that when I’m not UN-happy I must be in the opposite state of happy. But that isn’t it. I reach for things I enjoy and do things that bring pleasure. But is that the same as happy?

I’m getting used to contentment. I like content. Content means… it’s all safe and OK. Content means… needs are met and all is well. I like that very much.


A very good question and I think different for everyone.

For me contentment is happiness. I think expecting to feel euphoria 24/7 is unrealistic. Euphoria is intense feelings of happiness, joy etc.

I have watched my son as he learns to take enjoyment from simpler things like how food tastes. As he learns to enjoy these things I’m hoping the need for euphoric becomes less intense because in my opinion it is not sustainable.

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I often feel like feelings of happiness are only a memory. I’m not happy with my current situation. I get happy when i finish a painting and when im out in the middle of nowhere with my dog enjoying the counrty. Next week I’m going on the holiday of a lifetime and I’m hoping that will make me happy and I can feel it again. I’m turning 21 on the thirteenth of feb and I never thought I’d get there I was too intent on suicide so I’m hoping it will make me feel a sense of accomplishment that I’m alive. I’m aware I’m putting a lot into this holiday but I’m just hoping I’ll feel happy again.


I woke my sis up and was asking her if she’s ever been over the moon happy, euphoric, ecstatic for a long period of time and she said not for a long period of time. But little busts and then it calms. I was thinking that was sad for her.

I was trying to think of a time I was over the top happy for a long time and as I sifted through these maxed out happy events, I find they were all XTC induced. So I do understand now I have to learn happy… organically. (if that makes sense)

It’s really odd to think that we just assume that everyone knows what happy is or even has the same definition of it.


From my point of view that’s the problem with what I call fake happiness or drug induced states of euphoria. Of course we want this. Who wouldn’t. So yes I think we all need to learn happy.

A little off topic but I watched The Secret one day. I started looking at my life and if I was grateful for what I do have. One of the sayings in this way of thinking is: If you are not happy with what you already have what makes you think you will be happy with more. Something like that…

I haven’t had a bad day since I watched it in September. Bad moments yes but not bad days. True happiness comes from within. I can sit here thinking about everything I don’t have or look at what I do have and be grateful for it. My health, my home, my family, this forum, my writing and so on. It may not be perfect but I have it.


I really like that. I think I will be absorbing that.

The more I ponder… It seems like true anything comes from within. Negative or positive.

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I can say that I’m happy most days. But I wasn’t always like this. One of the transforming moments in my life was reading a book, The Art of Happiness, written by the Dalai Lama and a psychiatrist.

It includes Buddhist perspectives and psychological principles on how to overcome suffering and obtain happiness. It really changed my life.

Ever since then, I’ve woken up with a great sense of joy and contentment. Even when my symptoms are active. I just remember all the things that I’ve been blessed with, and remember that suffering cannot last forever.

It feels SO NICE to wake up and look forward to every day :slight_smile:




im usually depressed so I never smile.

Please describe a happy time for you. A happy time that you’ve had. Where were you at, what was the weather like. For me I had just got done playing bball for a couple hours. I could feel those good endorphins pulsating through my body. I lived on a hill where you could see the island and the ocean. I was like ‘wow this existence is beautiful’. Never had I felt like that again ever. I might have been on a bipolar high, but I don’t remember being unstable. It felt like a dream.

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