Stop lying will be not happy

Yes.sad but true.because dopamine hormone is responsible for happyness and as long as you have lover dopamine hormone you will not have pleasure or we have to put different target to ourselves more than happy or i will live for my wife and make kids.thats my goal.not to be happy i don t have pleasure.just like a please don t lie yourselves for happyness because technically we don t have this feelings because of our hormones.just like android and get stressfree.

Not happy christmas

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Actually i think my med is suppressing my happiness. When i go off meds i get natural high.,. I might decrease the dose little bit

I have moments of happiness. Or maybe it’s mania. But I have them.


Happiness is a very ethereal thing… I don’t think a lot of people are happy…

What is happiness…

As far as feeling it… it’s a passing feeling not a state of being. I don’t think anyone can be that happy

I’ve lowered my standards and gone for contentment… I can get through my day… and be Ok…

Content… a roof over my head… food in the fridge… insurance to cover my meds…

Hope things go Ok for everyone.


I feel happy and happiness. But i am currently on a low dose.

Do the happy dance boogie boogie :rabbit:

İn fact i don t need happyness or pleasure for my life.these feelings are so selfish.if ı put this feeling as a life target i will get depressed or i will be absolutely suicide.thats why i have to put different goals to myself.just it.

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I’m on abilify and it doesn’t suppress dopamine per se. It acts differently to other APs. But my goal is just survival, happiness would just be a bonus.

Lots of people here seem happy regardless of what AP they’re on.

Interesting theory though.


I have schizoaffective, so I naturally have issues with happiness. That said, I do have the ability to feel happy and I don’t think that meds have suppressed that. I just have an illness that makes me depressed much of the time.


They are seems to happy because format of forum forcing them to be happy posts.this is not good.

i use to have flat effect (no feelings) i was really unhappy and like a mindless zombie and i use to think what is it? is it me or is it the meds, well i had to change my med after a while due to unforeseen circumstances but thank god i changed,

idk how it happened but i could feel again, was amazing so what i say is i was over medicated on the wrong med so i was lucky i found the right med and i just keep my fingers crossed that things don’t go down hill again.

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İ just wanna say that we dont have feelings.thats why we have to focus responsible feeling such as working ,make kids etc.we are the just saints in this hedonistic age.thats why we have to focus our responsibilities than pleasures

I am starting to believe that I spend my life mainly depressed, I have chronic depression.

I rarely get happy, I get manic instead.

I am going to plead with my pdoc if I can lower the Risperdal dose a bit, maybe what I need is some hypomania, just enough to feel some pleasure.

I have been feeling dead now for a while - little motivation and little ability to feel pleasure.

Its very frustrating :confused:

Thats why you shouldn t put hedonistic lifestyle as a target yourself.just focus on working and responsible feeling that away from pleasure

Just like asian life style.asian life is not centered to hedonism but hardworking.maybe i will go back to my hardworking cook life back.chop chop working time.

Obviously the chemicals in our bodies play a part in it, but I also think that having a positive attitude can play a role in our happiness as well.


Hi. However I heard there is great shame if you don’t live up to the society standards after hard work. An example would be South Korean and Japanese suicide rates. Maybe a balance of hardwork and satisfaction gained in the work not the outcome. I am not 100, but to each their own. I personally need a spiritual aspect to my life to be happy. I have issues with balls deep materialism on a personal happyness level.

I must have ‘lover’ dopamine hormones because the nookie is epic. Epic, I tell you. Okay, maybe with the help of a little blue pill, but using a booster rocket is perfectly acceptable when you’re aiming for Mars.


I’m living a good life. Lovin’ my wonderful wife, my awesome kid, having a job, having a nice home, and being part of my community. I have bad days – who doesn’t – but my life isn’t the pile of suck you make yours out to be. I’m guessing the problem has less to do with your illness and more with your attitude. A bad attitude can easily become a bad habit.

Something to consider?



That my goal too . just being content and getting through the day


Oh my friend, it is so hard to accept for me your post but since time ago I thought that it is true. I must work to accept your post.