Did illegal drug use preceed your sz, sza?

I used LSD every night for a week and didn’t sleep but I think it was Meth amphetamines. I was only 15 and I dug a hole too deep to ever get out of. I used LSD or something like it, bad sh*t other times and when I was 16, I unwittingly used PCP 100 times, my pot was laced. I became mentally ill partly due to my drug use, it greatly influenced it but other things happened too at the same time. My pdoc asked me if I would go to a twelve step program and I went a lot for four years until I relapsed on pot a couple of times but haven’t used it since 1995. I know the program like the back of my hand and I like the people but have not been to a meeting in a while. I don’t drink either.


I was Ill before I ever touched caffeine, nicotine, cannabis, alcohol or illegal drugs. For me it was all self medication. Can’t speak for everybody tho. My friend god bless his soul would say “drugs weren’t the problem, they were the solution”. Just doesn’t always go how u want it to

Did trauma precede your drug use before you developed sz? :wink:

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Yes yes no doubt. That was the main trigger for my MI. Maybe genetics too. But trauma. I told someone about my “trauma” the other day and she immediately reached for the aforementioned word

Drugs are never the solution.

More like buying time

Medicine prescribed by doctors maybe

I smoked a fair amount of illegal weed the years leading up to my first psychotic break. But I also had the genetics and a lot of childhood, adolescent and adulthood trauma as well.


I was symptomatic since I was a kid but experimentation with a hallucinogen in college once made my illness much worse.

I believe in genetics. Wikipedia and studies says sz is 70-80% genetic. Your parents can be carriers of silent sz genes without having sz themeselves. Time will tell.

I believe genetic therapy can cure sz 100% if its not permanent brain damage.

I smoked weed before sz but if if weed triggered it there’s no chance I would have gone my whole life without weed.

I smoked illegal weed and people used to lace my weed. Two times I blacked out from weed people gave me to smoke. One or two times I got sick from weed people let me smoke with them. I had paranoia and anxiety after smoking weed. I wish I never smoked it.

For me it was genetics. It runs in my father’s side of the family. Four cousins and an uncle also have schizophrenia.

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It runs in my family both sides also. Well tons of mi do. Just have sza and Sz cousin on both sides. We’re all freaking depressed or something. Anxious. Psychotic. Drug alcoholic addicts Etc. My mom is on Ativan. My dad is on Lexapro. My sister is on Prozac. I’m on lord knows what. I think it has to do with genetics a lot too for sure.

Yea same I thibk marrijuana was a big thing for me. It was around that time I started having psychotic syptoms

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Pot and bad trips on acid.

I’m like Nick!


In 2003/4 I had drug induced psychosis

2012/2013 it went full blown SZ with no drug use for years previous

Nope! I didn’t touch drugs until after I was already psychotic


Smoked a lot of pot. Drank a bit. Dabbled in coke and acid. Got into meth later.
Wish I could take it all back.

I did a lot of drugs but it doesn’t really make sense to speculate that they caused the sz. In my case I’m pretty sure they didn’t, and in general I’m pretty skeptical of claims that they are a significant causal factor.

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