How many of you were doing drugs b4 getring diagnosed

When I was a young man (12-22) I did a LOT of drugs, marijuana every day, LSD very often, some mushrooms, crank pretty much every or every other day, just whatever was around. After that I just smoked weed and drank for years, until my first diagnosis. Then I stopped everything except alcohol. I’ve used that periodically ever since. Right now I’m about done with the booze though.

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I did weed or hashish on a few occasions. Like less than 10 times before first psychosis. But before my psychosis I hadn’t touched it for a long time as I recall, so I don’t think it’s drug related in my case.

No i guess not. I got some schizophrenics claiming recreational drugs dont cause schizophrenia. But i believe it does. Like for me it happened right when i was doing drugs all the time. I know not everycase is drom drugs. But it seems drugs causes it for some ppl.

I got some ppl saying drugs just brings it out of you faster but dosnt cause it. Like how do ppl know deugs makes it come out faster as opposed to actually causing it.

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A prescription called tofranil.