Did any drug add to triggering your sza/sz...?

If so which drug?

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Yup. All the ADD medications, and all the antidepressants I tried.

my psychosis was self-inflicted mostly

Hmm. . .

Psychosis Is Terrible. Terribly Terrible.

Which Makes Me Curious, How So (???).


Drugs burnt out mind across the board

I know this

Hmm?. . .

Yuu Kno Dat DrUgzzZ Ar BaDD (???).

Mescaline during a frat party in college.
■■■■■■■ me up bad!

Yeah, a few bad trips on acid.

I self destructed with drugs from a young age

No pharmaceuticals have triggered or made my psychosis worse. Some didn’t work though.

Marijuana makes me really paranoid sometimes. It never use to, I use to have the best time and would laugh my ass off when I got high, but over time it went from euphoria to paranoia and anxiety, so I don’t smoke it any more.

Hmm. . .

my problems were self inflicted mostly

No. Mine is all genetic.

I was hallucinating years before I ever did drugs. I think using meth when my current voices appeared was mostly coincidence, but it might have been a factor. Still, I was having complex hallucinations as a preteen, heard voices when I was 14/15. My uncle is sz.

Honestly, I think genes and trauma have more to do with it.

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I have no idea tbh when I even developed it. I heard a few isolated incidents of voices as a kid and habitually saw things, developed severe mood problems when I was 12, had some odd beliefs when I was 5 and again when I was 15 or so, then first diagnosed episode was when inwas 21 after developing a severe depressive episode after taking lsd. It was several months later that I developed the psychosis. So who knows but drugs added to it at least.

Ya, they did. A bad drug trip from pot, monsters, alcohol, strong salvia, and some unknown substance I bought online that was probably bad and strong (from what I am aware of and remember). Seems to happen in every life I lived (stuck as a schizophrenic avatar for eternity in a time loop).

But ya, I have no memories spanning for days, weeks, months due to memory loss/dissociation/overthinking/amnesia anymore. I try to remember but cannot and get triggered. I had nightmares early on and took Prazosin for PTSD/nightmares early on as a test/trial in the hospital and it worked…

I had been given adderall low dose in the hospital at my worse moment in life in 2015 because I practically begged for it and it messed me up for several years and I recovered on vralyar in 2017. So 2-3 years of bad paranoia and psychosis.

Only AD that works for me is cymbalta. All others cause psychosis.

I thought I was in mk-ultra but i don’t know or care anymore, but my past live dreams/parallel universe type stuff / psychic downloads/ dream manipulations tend me to believe that I was…

I smoked something called skunk weed 3-4 grams in one sittting and got real high. I had a NDE. The dreamweaver crap I bought was bad ■■■■ like synthetic/natural DMT/LSD type derivative/similar substance I bought but never figured out what it was or is, it put me in a dream/zombie state for a very, very long time. I woke up in the matrix and keep respawning back in time because of it…

Initially I thought it was some voodoo/shaman ■■■■ I smoked that gave me a curse because I was an immortal time traveler, but I have sense got past these silly delusions haha lol…

I think I’m in a causal loop so drugs (any type including pot) give me past life immortal memories and hardcore schizophrenia. First time I got schizophrenia was in high school in my original life over a trillion billion lifetimes ago, but the grey aliens and + my own destiny/conviction/fate was changed by choosing to delay the pot smoking experience until college…fml

I used a lot of drugs but don’t think any of them contributed to my sz much. I don’t think it really works that way for us.

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LSD, weed, amphetamine - probably contributed to my diagnosis years later.

LSD especially when i was doing that in my 20’s. But life changing events probably was the thing that tipped me over the edge. Homelessness, prison terms - and the loss of my Daughter and the wifey.

It all added up in the end - and thats what broke my brain.

Smoking cannabis and taking cocaine that had K2 / Spice in it. Was getting ill before that though. Just wish I could go back and do things different.

My first major psychotic episode at 16 was from codeine. I don’t know what it is about codeine but it triggers me. I’ve had it since, same thing. I put in my medical records that I’m allergic. Other pain meds don’t do that to me.