How do you cope with the idea of death

Never seeing loved ones again

Never seeing the nice blue summer skies again


Just being dead.

How do you deal with the whole idea.



It’s out of your control, so there’s not much you can do, especially worrying about it

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deny it, and entertain thoughts of afterlife or rebirth.


Death is a mystery but I am pretty sure there is life after death. As for what kind of life, it’s up to God.


To die seems to be a overwhelming and terrifying experience most of the time.

My mum died and was dead for five minutes.
She saw men in dresses and said it was peaceful and she could choose to stay or leave n go back to her body.
She decided to live as she had children.
She lost ten litres of blood.
Her experience of dying was terrifying but being dead was peaceful according to her.

I have thought we could be a identity of who and all we are outside of lives and that being can marry and you are married no matter how many other people you be or through and beyond death as death do you not part.
Seems so huge but some can control it by will and are very happy.

I think I believe in reincarnation can happen but that there is a place of no reincarnation too and that we can choose to just be in peace as a being without any drama or living concerns so I’m not Hindu or Buddhist or of any religion but agree with some of their beliefs.
I believe in heaven but not eternal hell.
God is not that cruel and a better time will come for the animals where they are treated better.
I am not a member of any religion but believe in god my own way.

I am not a satanist as I don’t believe in revenge etc but gothic is my favourite style for home and body.

There may be resistance to dying and overwhelming panic and not wanting to etc but I guess it’s something one has to go through.

Like putting me on a roller coaster.
I f ucking hope not.ha ha ha I’m terrified of roller coasters.worst feeling.

Some people seem to get a death without terror or fear but a peace n just letting go.

Hope my death will be good and in peace and not fear.
Hope I will be me after my death.
As a spirit soul eternal being in love and peace and reunited with loved ones and partner.


I got into researching the paranormal when i was very psychotic, still do sometimes. Anyways, theres this technique called remote viewing that i subscribe to and people have remote viewed the afterlife. That got me believing theres something more to the afterlife besides seeing just black and non existence.

I’m 76 and dying is ok by me as I’ve started to decline in health. I don’t know what’s coming after death but that’s ok, too.

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I feel death is good for me, no more severe schizophrenia, no more severe negative and cognitive symptoms and no more suffering.

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Everyone will be equal after death, no mental illness, no poverty, no suffering etc

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i encourage folks to read Dr. Long’s book “evidence of the afterlife” to get some concrete science that points to NDEs being more than just hallucinations. for example, when out of body experiences are studied under scientific conditions, the folks who have the experience are almost always accurate in describing events that happened outside their body while they were dead. folks who try to just guess what happened outside their body are almost always way off. the book mentions the work of heart surgeon (skeptic turned believer in the ‘realness’ of NDEs) Dr. Parnia, the AWARE study, where a couple experiences accurately describe events outside the body in a verified and documented situation. another factoid, is that folks meet relatives during the experience and the relatives are almost always dead: if this was just a hallucination, folks would experience living folks and less relatives a lot more often. then there’s how drugs dont replicate the NDE…… drug experiences are almost always random experiences, random imagery in hallucinations, not consistent stories with common themes of the afterlife like NDEs. also, there’s the fact that common themes like tunnels and meeting a being of light are consistent when measured and documented across cultures and with people who have never heard of NDEs, including young kids. finally there’s just a philosophical point…. the idea that people just consistently hallucinate afterlife stories when they die pushes credibility. is there some story embedded in our brain or genes or something? it’s a ridiculous notion.

there’s a load of other scientific factoids in that book. i highly recommend it. clearly there’s something deeper going on with NDEs than just hallucinations.


I recently read life after death the burden of proof by Deepak Chopra.

It was good and I have similar beliefs as he has.

I have no problem with death because I know there is a much better after life.

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I guess I’m just comforted by my faith. Everything else is out of my control.


I have Faith (in God/higher power) but I have some similar thoughts as you. I feel that although life could have been harder sometimes I am kind of mad at the hand dealt to me and the brutality of this life and although I in my heart believe in a creator who is fair and loving I also have several regrets and pains in this life/things I am not proud of and wonder what that Creator thinks of me and what right of passage I am gonna go to…the good side or the dark side of the afterlife.

If I’m dead then I won’t feel the heartbreak of missing family or summer skies. That needs consciousness, which requires a living brain. Even something that would be my worst nightmare won’t be able to hurt me.-


I Deal With The Idea of “the end” in a Very Simplistic Way.

The Grim Reaper is Quite The Character.

‘If I Cry, You Die’.~ Reaper

Well I Thought About it.

Didn’t Get His Humour at First.

But a Skeleton Doesn’t Have Flesh. No Eyeballs. No Tear Ducts. No Tears.

Jus Him And His Clickety Bones.

What He Meant Was, He Doesn’t Cry, So…

I Won’t “die”… . …

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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I welcome my own death. I’ll haunt my hallucinations.

My grandma died recently. I felt sad but didn’t show or feel emotion that much. I miss talking to her. It’s sad because she was my 3rd contact to the outside world and the bridge to my family on the otherside of the country.

If my parents die, I will be extremely sad. I am extremely close to them. I don’t know what I would do. Perhaps, be homeless or worse.

I don’t want to die, but if I have to, it will be a well welcomed rest, no more worry or pain


Unfortunately, I believe we live in a computer simulation. Perhaps, like some have speculated, and ancestor simulation of a future race of advanced humans.

I don’t know. It seems pretty f-d up, dark, and sad. I feel like a fake Christian sometimes. It’s hard and a contradiction.