How do you view death?

When I was driving tonight down the road with my husband after we went quickly out to the shops, we saw traffic cops and blue lights flashing. Thinking it was a roadblock, we put on our seatbelts, but it was an accident scene. There was a body lying on the side of the road wrapped in silver material. I felt so shocked to see a dead body lying there, it gave me such a feeling of sadness and got me thinking of death again. Death is not something I like to think about, as I am only 30 next Monday, nor do I like to think of my husband’s death. No, death is something I dread. But in Islam it is taught that it is a wise man who thinks constantly of his own death. There is preparation to be made, we have to put our lives and souls right with God so if we die anytime we are ready to meet him and enter Heaven. If there was one thing good I got out of tonight’s little incident, it was this: I need to put myself right with my Creator and step up on my prayer and spiritual life. I want Heaven after earth. And that is something I look forward to with peace. Indeed, it is a wise man/woman who thinks of death.

What feelings do you get when you think of death? How do you view it? Do you believe in an afterlife?

I have a Buddhist/ Spiritualist view of the afterlife. I don’t believe in a heaven and hell, but I do believe your life condition determines what you experience. Kind of like What Dreams May Come. When the wife had committed suicide she was in such a depressed state that her afterlife experience was cold and dark. I do believe you can come out of this and learn from your life. I think that the afterlife is primarily about reviewing your life and learning and preparing for the next life. When our souls reach a state of Buddhahood there is no need to continue to keep coming back unless you want to teach others like Buddha and Nichiren Daishonin and even Christ. To be in the state of Buddhahood is to have compassion and wisdom. We all have a Buddhanature which is a God like quality so you could say we are all God. I’ve talked with mediums where my grandmom and uncle have come through, and they have confirmed that the afterlife is about learning. Those are my beliefs though so take from them what you will. :sunny:

I honestly do not know or pretend to know what happens to us after we die. I kind of lean towards reincarnation, and I certainly do not believe in a heaven or hell - not in the stereotypical biblical version of a heaven and hell. My fear is that there is no life after we die, just simple darkness and non existence


Death comes to all living things.

Like a return to wherever we came from. Probably a return to nothing. You only live once.

Well, I’m hoping at my age (53) that I’m only half-way there. I don’t worry about death. I know it happens but it is something I rarely think about. And I do not believe in any life but this one. I’m not banking on getting another chance because of reincarnation, or heaven, or any afterlife. I have never seen proof of any of those that satisfies me enough to believe.

I am not sure whether or not there is an afterlife. I am Catholic, but still have doubts. If there is an afterlife, I hope I am rewarded for all of my unjust sufferings. If there is nothing, as there was nothing before we were created, I’m okay with that. Sometimes I look forward to death, but I deeply fear the death of my loved ones.

from a distance through my sz binoculars, they are super dooper one’s.
take care

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I used to be afraid of death. Now I just don’t think about it. I have faith that whatever is supposed to happen will happen. When my son wants to have discussions on the afterlife my responses now are usually: We are discussing something that we do not have the answer to and won’t until we are dead. Then we will have the answers that we need. Until then, we are here, now, living. Why waste this time worrying about something that no matter how much you think about, you will not have the answers to until it happens. Spending so much time thinking about death that you don’t live just doesn’t make sense to me.


I have no idea why but the concept of reincarnation made perfect sense to me when I was young. I do believe in a lot of the buddhist philosophy.


I used to fear it irrationally. now i have just a healthy fear, as in “i dont really want to die just yet…”
I trust in Jesus for salvation.
The afterlife is not even a question for me. My wife departed this world physically last year. She has manifest several times. these are not delusions.
the biggest evidence was a few days after she died I had swept the upstairs floor. I went back up at 11;11 PM and right in the center of the floor was a coin…a coin we had lost 4 years before that my wife had saved as a collectors item. that is a physical manifestation right there.
A good friend of ours also had the same type of coin show up on her bedroom floor 1000 miles from here at the same time. She had never even had one of those coins.
She has also knocked on walls and used insects to communicate written messages. flickered the lights when I am talking with someone about her. flickers the lights to approve or disapprove of someone I have met. these are some of the abilities she had or was working on while she was physically alive.
she was the type of person whose electrical energy would cause lights to flicker when she walked under them. In fact we had tested this at college…almost every time she walked out the front door the lights would flicker. we sat in the parking lot on some nights watching other students walk under the same light and they never flickered. She would also cause not only that light outside the entrance hall to flicker, but the streetlights up to the parking lot would often flicker as she passed under…and they didn’t when others passed under.

I do dread the death of loved ones, not so much for their sake, but probably a selfish reason, as in me losing someone i care about, and especially if the death is premature.

Mors certa hora incerta

Death is certain, the hour uncertain

It’s inevitable so there isn’t anything you can do about it.

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I used to be suicidal and wanted death but now I fear it… I fear I will be judged after I die and that I will be tortured but I think this even though many people think it is one of my delusions because it goes very in depth and was linked with thinking my grandad could read my mind after he died, I was devastated.

So because of that I don’t want the whole Christian view of heaven or hell but before I became ill I identified as a Buddhist and believed in that. But after I lost my faith it was the moon that gave it back to me so ever since I’ve sort of been close to paganism in the true sense of the word (meaning not charmed where you chant spells in rhyming couplets) where you are connected with nature and there is a ‘god’ (although not with gender) and when you die you become a part of them.

I don’t really identify as anything anymore, I do have faith but not necessarily into one category. So I’m not sure I just know I’m not scared of dying but I’m scared of death. However I try to just make my life as best as it can be in the mean time and try not to worry about it!

i used to be very frighjtened of death very much so but i go through periods mof suicidal thoughts which you could say has made me think about it and you know what when your times up its up nothiung you can do about it its actually a natural part of life just like beimng born.

just like everyone else on planet earth, i haven’t got a clue. i’m hoping there is an after life or reincarnation. i’d like to come back, free of this ■■■■ and live a full and productive life. i just hope i get to keep my talent for writing and inventing. xxx

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My first answer was rote(?) The way I view my own death is I’m not connected to the world. I won’t be missing much. And I’m kind of tired. I’ve lived about long enough. I don’t wan’t to live to be old + not be able to take care of myself.

However I said it at twenty and people gave me a raised eyebrow, that I’m curious to find out if there’s anything that follows my current life on earth. If there is, I’ll find out. If not, then I’ll never know. Also what my death experience might be -

I do not even have life insurance. :blush:

Yeah, I guess if you take life seriously you do the same with death.

Death is dissolution of the physical. Each leaf on the same tree looks for the sun and finds relief in the water. Matter is too superb and complex to let a leaf fall permanently never to return. If life and death were that singular, we wouldn’t exist. A blade of grass trembles from the wind, that is the delicate nature of the cycle of life and rebirth. Death is a return home–where the human innocent can breathe and be closer to nature.