Does the idea of dying comefort you

like it takes away your depression or maybe it relaxes you


Nope. It doesn’t.


Hate the idea of it. I’m scared of death.


No it frightens me deeply. Not so much the dying itself, i couldnt care less, but that i dont know what comes after. I dont particularly like uncertainty and this is the biggest, most uncontrollable uncertainty there is.


Yes, this. But I know it’s kinda upside down. I worry about living forever though and negative ramifications of it hanks to tech.

I don’t trust tech that much anymore and maybe there’s validity to this.

I’d rather be forgotten. I’d rather ‘lights out’ at the end of my journey.

The SZ part is I’m afraid I stick out like a sore thumb in all walks, and that I’m too ‘famous’.


I’m scared of dying, I want my consciousness to live forever.


No, do you want your family to be sad and in depression?


Not really because I’m scared I’ll just get reincarnated in a new time line :tired_face:

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I have not reached that level of enlightenment where the prospect of dying is something that comforts me. I hope I do because right now i do fear it quite significantly.

Not anymore. I love my kids and husband and I don’t want to die anymore

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If I no longer could walk, eat, sleep, talk, was in severe pain, and medical science could not help me the idea of dying may comfort me. I am not experiencing psychosis for the first time and I know there’s help out there. It would take a lot more to make me want to go now.

We are all dying to find out what is after death

In my religion (Islam) we are taught to continually think of death because our belief is this life is temporary and a Garden of Paradise awaits us if we do good works or the Hellfire if we sin without remorse or repent

One of my spiritual guides used to advice visualising death and your body being lowered into the grave before you go to sleep

In this way we find motivation to do good deeds, don’t get too attached to worldly things

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As I’m getting older, I’m finding that I’m fearing death a little less.
My family’s tombstone is all set up in a very beautiful and serene cemetery.
My Mother is buried there and I find some comfort to know I’ll be buried by her one day.


No, I hate death.

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Me and my family and the dogs are having our ashes scattered somewhere locally where we walk them. I am finding peace with that. That we will all be there together.

If anything ever happened to my dog (and one day it will) I will look foward to being reunited with her again in the afterlife.

When it’s my time to die, I hope I slip into unconsciousness.

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I dont want the end to come. I would rather exist and suffer like I am rather than not exist at all

I hope if I die, the life I had means something.

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In 100 years everyone on this forum will be dead.

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