Do you ever think about death

I was atheist and healthy, i wasn’t believing in after life and i didn’t care. After i became ill and suffer with my illness i start worrying that i was born and suffer and than die one day. I wasn’t thinking it was fare. But recently i watched so many near death experiences with out of body experience that now i believe that there is soul and we live after we die on earth, that eases my worries and some how i kind of don’t care anymore.

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i think about death all the time it is my constant companion. i believe not in god but that we have a soul and that all life is continual/no end. though i follow no religion i think the Buddhists had it right, their theory of the universe.
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I have thought more about my death than life.
Every morning when I wake up and feel myself still breathing, I’m disappointed.


I think about death in waves. I tried to actively leave this life on Dec 30 five years ago and almost made it. But got saved at the last minute. I think about death a lot during this time of year. Since I pulled through and finally decided to take rehab seriously and really turn my existence around, my family calls it my re-birthday.

I don’t know why I believe so completely in reincarnation; but I do. I can’t help it. It’s just in there as a quiet fact of life.


I was obsessed with death until I became schizophrenic. I had a near death experience (almost drowned) as a child and I wanted to push myself closer to death for some reason. I wanted to join the military for the thrill of being in danger. I felt like nothing except near death experiences felt very real. I was pretty ■■■■■■ up in the head before I was even remotely psychotic.

I tend to think about death when I am depressed. My doctor adjusted my meds so can feel less depressed, but lately I have been feeling down again - I hope its not a trend. I sometimes believe in reincarnation as well - in a very non religious way.

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Why were we born with a mental illness? It isn’t fair. Why can’t I be very wealthy? It isn’t fair. I can’t wrap my head around death. No one can. I don’t like believing things where there is no evidence for. Would be nice if we had a soul, we don’t know that. Religions want to provide an explanation. But they don’t know that. Why worry about death were you worried about birth?

its different now that were here we have all these memories and experiences, and when we die do we lose these memories and experiences, does our life have no meaning but misery and happiness? whats the point of it all?

I think thinking about death is a natural part of life. I have accepted death until I start thinking about suicide and murder due to my sickness. There may be an afterlife but we will never know for sure until we’re dead. Either way death is going to happen.

think about it all the time. voices constantly keep the thought in the forefront of my mind

Sometimes it occurs to me that i might be hacked to bits or end up on an operating table with my innards being pulled out.

And it occurs to me that my three year old niece is in for one hell of a ride, i worry about what it’s going to be for her, whats going to kill her i wonder? It’s the saddest thing i’ve ever seen knowing what she has coming to her.

Yes, i think about death at times. And the deaths of others.

I think about the death of my would be children as well and how much of a dic i would be forcing them to be here.

I used to not believe in God or an afterlife. Right now I’m kind of in limbo. I know I need to be doing something, but I don’t know what it is. Sometimes I wonder if God wants me to get a regular job or do something that changes the world for the better. I would like to help people. I’m not very religious, though I am a Christian and I’m also a pacifist. Sometimes I do things against my own judgement, and God frowns on my actions. I think of God as a sort of sky-father, whose looking out from birth and death of the universe and calculating our actions with supreme power and ability. You’d think, with all the knowledge that humanity has attained in the past and future of the world, there must be something more. I think life is beautiful, and God has shown me that. God answers prayers. I ask him to show me the way. Where petitions typically take a few weeks to reach fruition, God is always there.

I used to think about death quite a lot,worry that I would be killed, I think it was due to depression.

I have not thought about since depression has gone so might be it.

well this is one way of looking to it.

what if you where alone, really alone. there is absolutly nothing besides you.
wouldnt it than not more be the logical thing too create.

it could want a family, too punish people, too make everyone happy.
i dunno yet there are lot of options you can fill in there thats based arround personality and current state

or its a creation of everything. and yes the state you are currently in and living out was one of those
every possibilities. if thats the case too bad you cant choose which possiblity you live in.

i dont know what too think, yet they say God works in mysterious ways.
and im getting somewhat used too that idea

I don’t spend much time thinking on it it scares me just think of the after not what it dose to family and friends I have had my momets of close calls and thought of bad behaver but push the fight to find reasen to live regardless to life more to the prencables point its to hard to get here and stayalive! Thank you! Oh and I can’t figer out how to post yet! Just reply.

I have thoughts about how life is short, and to experience the most connected moments you can. I love my family and yet I know this will not always last, but I tend not to think that much about that part. I believe that when people die, they are tested more and brought into peace and better places. Everyone has a unique energy signature, and collectively our signature is so complex that we will outlast the universe with our love. I do believe in eternal life, but that you can’t prove yourself worthy through religion, that is only an aspect of it. Atheists also go to heaven and are tested. I’ve been so close to situations where I would die, and I thank God for protecting me. I petition his angels in heaven to watch over me and my family often. I don’t think that anyone is more lucky than anyone else, and I do believe that reality is fair–that everyone goes through individual tests and those who do the most good are worth the most to God. Having an agenda to help restore balance and peace is important, but also being true to yourself.

I also know strongly that my guides watch over me, and protect me from harm. But that I have to learn to be smarter too, but that they understand that I’m trying hard to be a better soul.

Death I think will b my greatest adventure. The only thing that worries me is the manner in which it comes. I seev it as a rebirth into a different form of existence. Although I will miss having a body that’s for sure. I’m not religious and don’t believe in heaven or hell but I do believe in ghosts. Whether they t created by our own minds or theyobjectively exist iI don’t know. I’ll find out when I get there. :slight_smile:

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Death has been on my mind lately. I’m reading a book about a woman who shot herself, went to hell and heaven and then came back to life. You can go on the 700 club and watch “amazing stories” and there is stories about people almost dying going to hell and then coming back to life. I’m trying not to give up right now and hoping my life will get better.

When I lived in my auto in America I thought about the death every day, I also was afraid that I would be murdered or killed somehow, because the only protection of mine was the auto in which I lived. I have learned to live with the death, when you know it, you are not scared any longer. America is a big nation with over 300 million people and in the streets there are all kinds of people, some are very evil, some are nice and so on.