How do I meet a girl with schizophrenia?

Hey everyone! I’m looking for a girl that’s just like me! I have schizophrenia and I have a hard time looking normal in public, but that doesn’t bother me because I like to act the way I feel like acting in public. What is the best way for me to find a girl with schizophrenia? I go to a singles ward on Sunday but no girls with schizophrenia go there.


I guess this site:

It is for singles with severe mental illness including schizophrenia.


I wonder if its easier to meet a sz girl instead of normal. My last gf had no sz and she dumped me due to my sz. @Bowens I tried nolongerlonely, its a desert and no one in my area. I think its mostly US peeps.


I don’t want a partner with SZ/SZA/BP, no offense to any of us here. I just think two people in the relationship who have a major MI is A LOT to handle.

I’m looking for an open minded, sympathetic normie.


I’m personally not looking period.


I have to agree with you that another person with mental illness is a lot to handle. I could try to win over a normal girl and see how it turns out. I have never been in a relationship before so I am treading in unexplored waters.

This is very much my experience


Yeah, I would imagine it’s very hard to support each other.

I mean, I could handle someone with anxiety, or something like that. Just not another major MI.

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Are you a member of international clubhouse?

But yeah if you can get a normie gf of course thats better. Its also to avoid having sz children.

My standards are too high because I want what I used to get, but that’s not going to happen anymore because this stupid disorder lowers my value in the eyes of most women.

At this point I just want to meet someone cool, intelligent, cute and accepting of my condition, but even that might be too much to ask for.

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I don’t think so.

You seem like a really cool guy. Your symptoms are well controlled. You don’t come across like some scary, pop culture version of sz.

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Thanks @Pandy. That means a lot!

The problem is I am fighting against that scary, pop culture version of sz that a lot of people will just assume I am, very few are willing to take the time to get to know the real me.

So far I’ve met 3 women on Bumble that are willing to give me a chance, but I know they probably have at least some doubt in the back of their mind so I have to be careful, I feel like I can’t get away with some of the stuff a normie would get away with so It’s like I have to walk a fine line.

It’s frustrating at times.

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There is no strong evidence that schizophrenia is genetic.

Schizophrenics seem to be made, not born.

Scientific studies say the risk of having a sz child is 50-60% if both parents have sz.


I follow this account on Twitter, which has given me a different impression about the inheritability of schizophrenia.

He wrote a book on the topic, but I haven’t read it, yet.

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I looked at this guy’s twitter account and it looks very suspicious. He doesn’t cite any sources for his claims and honestly there is such an overwhelming amount of solid, peer-reviewed literature on the heritability of schizophrenia it’s really hard to find any believable standing that justifies accusations like that. I can also say firsthand that sz definitely runs in my family. I have 3 close relatives with some sort of psychotic disorder. It seems like this guy is just trying to be controversial for the sake of being controversial. I would be careful and fact-check his sources and credentials before believing what he says.


On some of his tweets about depression he points to “environmental “risk factors” such as trauma, abuse, oppression, racism, social isolation, consumerism”. He seems to want to externalize the problem and ‘change the world’.

I never really got fired up on the nature nurture debate. This guy is a big nurture side arguer.

Even if sz is caused by both environment and genes, the way people are you’re more likely having success on gene therapy than creating social change to cure sz

You can always try talking to yourself at the bus stop and see if someone else with sz notices.



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