How do I meet a girl with schizophrenia?

I believe him to be solid. Credentials don’t always mean that someone is more insightful or intellectually honest.

If wealthy people have a vested interest in people believing that schizophrenia is genetic, then, of course, much of the literature will adhere to that line, as they may have great financial incentives to further this belief, whether or not it is true.

All people are influenced by their environments. You don’t think negative experiences, like abuse or discrimination, can cause people to develop a mental illness?

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I don’t have much faith in genetics.

That won’t change science. I guess you don’t believe in science and psychiatry too? I remember you posting anti psychiatry stuff.

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Jay Joseph argues that the science regarding whether or not there are any schizophrenia genes is faulty and inconclusive.

Science has been wrong before. Psychiatry has been wrong before. I always keep that in mind.

Thats only been in the past before APs were invented.

I tried that site for a while, but it’s a ghost town. Very few people. I don’t know, maybe others would have better luck than I did


No I think those things could cause a mental illness, but cells in the brain function genetically. If there’s some sort of environmental trigger the thing it effects is genetic.

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There are people who pull it off, but it’s a real slog. My observation is that two disabled people somehow wind up with four times the problems one disabled person would have. An unfortunate math issue (Murphy’s Law…).

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Hi! Welcome back! Hope you had a good holiday…

Agreed. Marriage and relationships are hard enough with “regular” problems as it is.