I want a gf with sza or sz

should i join a dateing site wouldnt mind being online dateing for a while. what do you guys suggest i do. im kinda a shy person and have alot of social anxiety i have never met a girl or even another person who has sza or sz

It’s up to you and your comfort level. You could suggest to any interested girls that you get to know each other a little online first before you meet in person. That might reduce some of the anxiety

A girl with sz is probably going to need a whole lot of support from you, even as you go through your own problems. Be prepared for that. Having said that, I hope you find happiness with someone out there. As they say, there are plenty of fish in the sea.

does anyone know a website where i can find someone with schizophrenia or schizoaffective i alredy tried nolongerlonely but no luck guess there isnt plenty of fish in the sea

Do you have a clubhouse near you? Maybe you could look there.

i don’t know… i dated a guy with sz,
and we ended up isolating from the universe, encouraging each others delusions, and making up our own fantasy world.
it was beautiful and fun but SUPER unhealthy. i’m not sure i could go through the same thing again, there’s alot anxiety involved, tension, misunderstandings.
felt like was walking on eggshells 24/7.
then again, neither of us were medicated. good luck!! i truly hope you find someone.

@Catch22 I would be scared to date someone with sz for this reason. If i ever miracuously become healthy again, id have no problem dating a sz guy. But as i am now, I have enough issues for 2. :slight_smile: Im not sure what is best in this respect…someone who understands me and shares my experiences or someone who complements me.

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Website for finding other MI folk to date is nolongerlonely.com.

I dont know…I just know that on some datingsites (e.g. okcupid) you can answer questions that makes it easier to find people who fit your values and character. Guys i was matched with were somehow often the ones with some MI - depression, autism, psychotic issues, ptsd. No clue why.

You being shy isnt a problem for everyone, some girls prefer a shyer guy over a dominant one.

I had a on line GF for several years, not perfect but it was nice to have someone to skype with everyday, we got a long good till she went back to drinking, which was sad, she’s a mean drunk sadly.

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