(International online) dating for the mentally ill

Hey guys,

I find it really hard to date “normal” people and get rejected quite often because the stigma of dating a schizophrenic/mentally ill is still a no-go for “normal” people. I guess, I should date people whom I can relate to.

Any ideas/sites?

I’d say you can either lower your standards and date someone with MI, or make yourself more valuable somehow, enough that a normie would want to be with you.

Sorry to be so blunt.

There are some sites that cater to dating for mi.

Good luck. I’ve been rejected too, but I try to keep a positive mindset.


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I have no doubt there are normie’s out there that would date and like someone with MI but they haven’t crossed my path. And even though I’ve lowered my standard long time ago and even prefer someone with MI… I rather struggle together than alone.


Same here…! Loneliness is kicking my butt on a daily bases though. You know any good site’s?

No, unfortunately I can’t think of any good sites. I’m sorry.

I’m technically middle aged. So I don’t get as lonely as I used to.

My guitar is my gal ha!


This is an online dating and support site for adults with mental illness:
https://www.nolongerlonely.com/ (not sure if the link will open but that’s the name)


This girl I had a fling with was sza and I wouldn’t wish this for my worst enemy. Normal people Or should I say understanding people would love to try and get to know a sz sza and see where it goes from there

Online dating is pointless. I did it for 10 years. No guy will ever take siriously a woman fron dating site. I dont know why? And even if the guy marries her…its marriage in hatered.

Online dating is for jokers.

I have talked with a few girls on nolongerlonely site for mentally ill people. Nothing serious but i think it was my fault. And i prefer dating sites for people with MI

I don’t fancy online dating
Lots of men are put off by mi and also men I’ve liked are too young
It’s hard to meet men my age

Online dating can kiss my square shaped man-butt.

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Online dating…I met my beautiful non robot caring and conscientious wife there…said no man ever!!!

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The worst is when you think someone has finally visited or liked your profile, and it’s more or less the equivalent of a camgirl that wants traffic/customers for her website. I’m not even being misogynistic, that was pretty much literally the case for me several times. Even if I get a job and a car I will neverstrong text****do that again.

And profiles where they call guys without a car and a job “useless.” Do they not think it wouldn’t be enough to phrase their disinterest in such men like a decent person with compassion would? They figure being assholish is a sure way to make sure such men don’t bother them? I send one message and if I get nothing back (which has been every time) I don’t bother them ever again.

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Yep most of the “real” women aren’t even there to meet someone I think. Just to make you feel bad about yourself. Many are bots who want your credit card to rob you. Not even a cam girl.

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ive sorta experimented on this recently. Ive met all my previous g/f’s on the outside. When was I was a lot younger I sorta did some online dating but it didn’t go well. I am getting older and since I haven’t been in a relationship in a good while, im not sure where to start. sorta feels like dating for the first time…like you have to “try” to make something happen. it wasn’t like that back then. Its coo though in a way, that way I can have time to understand it. People in general don’t understand schizo’s…not even physiciatrist. I don’t mean that they don’t care or try, but technically there is NO cure in the market right now.

Is that site still online? It doesn’t send a e-mail verification upon registration, the webmaster doesn’t reply either. The site states: Copyright © NoLongerLonely.com LLC 2011-2016.

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I think yes! I have an account there but only basic member and can’t message girls lol. It was active a month ago for sure…

Happy Birthday @PuRpOs3!

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I found another dating website for people with mental illness. It looks legit, but as with any dating website exercise caution: