Dating for Schizophrenics

So I tried the site nonlongerlonely and theres no one within 50miles of me…bummer. Does anyone know any other sites for meeting other schizophrenics? I can and have dated normal girls but I just dont get normal people, I want to date someone who is mentally ill…I dunno I just do. Does anyone know of any ways to meet schizophrenics in person? Like support groups?

I live in a city of over a million people and im sure there’s a schizophrenic girl here. I mean really.

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You could put an ad on craigslist. They have everything there.

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I put an ad on craigslist…good god some of the posts there are gross! Stuff like “dick pic plz”, roflol

The best thing is that it’s free :sunny:

If you want to try to meet some crazy, sexy, cool ladies at a support group check your local NAMI, maybe. :wink:

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I’ll just stick by my Motto…

When I go out looking for love… Chaos ensues. When I look for friendship, I sometimes find love.


I’d totally date you. I just need to know if you’re the right type. I’m a mixed black- caramel -mama looking for love ,as well.

You could always turn to the deepweb. :ocean:

Date normal women at Turns out I met my wife there and I am no longer lonely. I understand your need to find a sz girl, but they usually do not advertise as such. You have to go mainstream to find a woman.

I probably wont ever “date” again. If I meet a female friend or companion and she happened to have schizophrenia or bipolar or depression, that would be fine. I am not going to stick my neck out and search around, if it happens then it does. I do want to go to a support group geared for people living with schizophrenia/schizoaffective.
There is a local mood disorder group for people living with mainly bipolar and depression. My therapist wants me to give it a try. She said they accept those dxed with schizoaffective. Its a DBSA group - I dont know I dont think I would feel at home there, being that I have schizophrenic symptoms as well. We shall see.

I have no luck at at “being on the hunt” But I have more luck and feel better when I just happen to meet someone when we’re both just being our quirky, off kilter selves.

It’s hard to do, walking into a new group of people, but I hope you get to give it a try. Good luck and :thumbsup:

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I think i’m eventually going to end up going to a support group, its a good way to meet others going through some of the same experiences Ive gone through. J has anyone ever told you that you are a very positive person?
Well you are - thanks

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This made me lol hard…i love some of your posts, william88