Having to give up this no carb diet - makes me feel awful

Can’t describe how much I want to eat bread!

You can eat like two pieces of rye bread, it has the least carbs and gives you fiber.


Is not just bread - is everything starchy. Also am as constipated as hell. Balanced diet for me.

Yeah that happened to me too. I recommend myfitnesspal, I already lost three kilos in 22 days.


@everhopeful what diet are you on? Am I right in thinking you are seeing a dietitian?

Calorie controlled diet. No meal plans,just eat what I want. @Minnii is right about myfitnesspal. Do you have a smart phone. You’ll need a calorie counting app.

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If you use myfitnesspal it has basically everything on the database, I don’t use a calorie counting app, I don’t have a need for it really. Basically I’ve been weighting the grams, and using the database on my fitness pal.

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Yeah have an iPhone. Is myfitnesspal an app?


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Yes, it’s an app.

No, it’s a site, doesn’t have an app on its own. Has apps associated :slight_smile:

It does have an app of its own!

Oh my bad, I searched for it and couldn’t find it.

Found the app, it was right under my nose. It’s cool, it sychronizes with the site.

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I started out with 2500 calories a day, that was about 6 months ago. Gradually I’ve had to lower it. Now today I’ve dropped it to 1900. I seriously doubt I’d be able to do 1900 if it wasn’t for metformin to be honest.

Edit: so far I’ve lost at least 15kg=2.5 stone=33lb

15kg in six months is very good. I stopped at 55 now, I may lower my intake to 1100, myfitnesspal says I can eat between 1000-1200 to lose weight.

That’s 1 kg for only one week.
I think it’s best to take at least 2 weeks to lose 1 kg.
You say you might lower your intake to 1100, does that mean 1100kcal a day?

Yeah. I’m stuck for the past 12 days.

1100 kcal a day sounds too harsh.
Are you able to feel satisfied with 1100 kcal?

I don’t feel it’s harsh. It goes about right. I just stopped eating cakes and chocolates and chips in the middle of the afternoon or something. That has been helping. I eat soup one meal a day, and have a good breakfast.

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