Trying to lose weight Day 3

I am trying to lose weight, today is day three, so far I have eaten 1/2 cup of cottage cheese for breakfast and chicken and beets for lunch and will have a cherry smoothie for dinner, I hope to lose 15 to 20 pounds.


I also went for an hour hike this morning.

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Good luck man! I lost 13 lbs in a month.

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That’s great @anon97970229 ! What was your diet/ exercise plan?

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Honestly man it was a change of medication, low calories and thats about it tbh. Not healthy at all but I mean rather this than gaining weight.

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I’d stop counting the days mate.

Dieting is a long term plan and a few days may yield a few results, but it may well stop you in the longer run.

I did a crash diet and lost 5kg in 3 weeks. My metabolism caught up with me and although i kept exercising and had a less than 1500 calories a day diet, my weight loss stopped.

It is better to take it slow and make a life change so that the body can be tricked into a slow metabolism change over months.

I added a few hundred calories and then managed some weight loss, but i now realise that metabolism changes to meet the body’s needs, so a quick fix may, like in my case lose some weight but to maintain it takes time.

I heard about this @labratmat, that drastic change in eating can slow your metabolism, but I try not to be hungry while dieting and exercising hopefully this will help.

5kg is a lot to lose. I measured my calorie intake and cycled on my exercise bike 15km a day (6 days a week)

So if you need to lose 10lbs, that regime could work. For me, i have another 5kg to lose.

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