So my scale was broken

I had to go buy a new one, and I’m at 57kg, I lost weight so I was probably at 60 or 59, still 10 kg to go.

Kind of angry about it, but well.

In the meanwhile this diet was making my bowels obstructed and I bought a supplement with fig and ruibarb to make me poop. Maybe I’ll lose a kilo from that :smile:

So I’m not sure this diet is going so well, I’m going to extend it for another month to see if it works.

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Do you have a smart phone? Get a calorie counting app. You’ll probably fail the first few times but eventually it’ll click. I’m seeing a hospital dietician and unfortunately calorie counting is where it’s at.

You’ll still be able to eat what you want, just have to watch the calories.

This current diet of yours sounds really bad.

I subscribed to myfitnesspal yesterday!


Can you set the amount of calories you want to consume, or does myfitnesspal tell you the amount and you can’t change it?

Sometimes these apps set the calorie limit really low which makes it more difficult to stick to.

What’s your current calories per day target?

It’s 1200, yesterday I was way low, today I’m more balanced.

1200 is too low in my opinion.

Go to this website, get your bmr calories and see what it says

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I think it’s too high. Or just about right. For the amount of food I eat.

It’s says the right amount is 1600


I think 1200 is a bit low too but I suppose people’s metabolisms are different.

I have been watching the joe rogan podcast a lot recently and in California they seemed to be going for the ketone diet. Virtually no carbs and apparently the feeling of hunger is less than a general carb based diet.

Apparently your first week is pretty hard as your body uses up all its glycogen stores but after that it gets easier.

Yeah, I don’t feel as hungry, but the the first week was okay, difficult was maintaining through the rest of the weeks.

1600 sounds like a better start point to be honest. If you fail to lose weight on 1600 after 2 weeks, then drop it to 1500. And so on and so on.

I’ve checked, myfitnesspal allows you to manually enter the calorie target goal. From the internet:

This worked for me 1.) Click on My Home 2.) Click on Goals on the bar underneath 3.) Click on the green button “Change Goals” 4) Select “Custom” then click on “Continue” 5.) Change “Net Calories Consumed to your desired level” 6.) Click on “Change Goals” at the bottom of the page.

You’ll have to buy a kitchen scales Minnii.

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The thing is, if I eat more than I am now, I’ll gain weight. Myfitnesspal also makes the calculations, and I think its a good fit for my eating habits. I’m losing weight with this diet so I’m going to keep it up for another month, a kilo a week its not bad.

A kilogram a week, thats like 2 lbs! Awesome job. When I first started MFP, I lost 1 lb a week. Now the weight loss has slowed down, I’ve plateaued after 6.5 months. Its maybe 1 lb a month now. Now I just have to maintain this diet and weight. I eat between 1200-1400 calories, I figure because I’m pretty sedentary its okay. But on days I do get exercise I eat more protein and calories.

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Exactly, my only exercise is a 20 min walk every day, and today for example I’m not doing it. I need to do stuff in the house and am in no mood to leave again.

OK, well best of luck Minnii. It’s not easy. If this diet is causing health problems, I’m not a big fan of it though.

It does take a few fails to get calorie counting right, so don’t give up.

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Yeah, the author of the book of the diet said because of the low carbs it’s natural for the body to react this way, there was two days in a row of pooping and after soup day I can always poop. So it’s like two days in a row without pooping, which is alright.

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I’m doing calorie counting and lost some weight. Just starting again today as I’ve had 4 days off.


I have no days off. It all averages out unfortunately. I have about a year to go. A fscking year.

The one bit of luck(?) I’ve had is I’m on metformin, and it’s decreasing my appetite.


That’s good. A year is not that long, it passes quickly.

I don’t have an appetite in the morning and am ravenous in the evenings, should be the other way around

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im sure ull look good in that too .

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