Having thoughts about suicide

Am not well. From illness and life stresses. I can’t handle life. My community mental health team is not getting back to me. My family is on holiday.

Can you keep chasing your mental health team. If that fails just get yourself to the hospital.


oh no @anon35166066 !! please go to the pdoc as soon as you can…I would like you to call a crisis line… @Moonbeam @anon9798425


Hold on tight. Don’t do anything. Tell me what’s going on. @anon35166066 can you talk?

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Medication change was usually the light at the end of the tunnel for me. Do some research on some AP’s that you might want to try. Im at the point now where i just take the pd’s advice, but i still have the ultimate say in the medications i want to take. I was just at the hospital and the pd increased my doses of what i was already taking. Im glad I trusted him to do his job, and gave the meds a chance to work even though i thought i was getting worse at times with the increase. It took about two weeks to see the positve effefcts of it. I was pychotic before I went to the hospital. Hang in there , you are not alone ,it gets better


Sorry to hear you’re not doing so great @anon35166066. Will your family be back anytime soon? Is there a hospital you can contact if you decide you need urgent help? I’ve been quite suicidal myself in earlier parts of my life, as I’m sure most people here have …it’s a struggle but eventually it gets easier.


Stay in close touch with your team @anon35166066.
If things get out of control please go to the ER.
Hang in there.


I wondered about that when you said you were better this morning,

too soon of a recovery, but you were optamistic,

the dark shadow impales, I remember it well, still happens from time to time,

what about just picking up your meds, do you got refills?

I’m so sorry your’e suffering. We’re all here for you.


sorry for being dramatic guys. The crisis team just phoned. They talked me back down to calmness.

Thing is I have a very specific money worry which isn’t going to go away any time soon. I still have money for food and rent but I hate money worries hanging over me.

Without going into specifics a misunderstanding might mean I owe money but it will take months to resolve. My parents have just left for a holiday and I was terrified I would get evicted before they would return. But the team assured me these processes take time (if it even happens at all).

The nurse was really good and she is on duty over the weekend and says she can come out to see me if I need to.

Guys I feel so foolish for being dramatic on the forum, but my cruel brain at the first sign of trouble just tells me to kill myself. I suspect I have bpd tendencies.

But please be assured my friends I have no specific plans in place, just panicky urges.

Thanks you all so much for caring. J x


Thank God! You had me so worried.

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Thanks @everhopeful @jukebox @leafy @freefee @mistery @wave and @Daze :heart:


then I tried to look up crisis numbers in the uk and that was totally confusing, your phone numbers look so different

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Yeah here you phone your community team first. They always have a member of the team solely scheduled for crisis each and every day (they work weekends too).

Beyond that is nhs 111 (a non urgent health line). Emergency number is 999 (our version of 911)


I’m glad you know your numbers. I found this great site that gives all the emergency numbers for all the countries its pretty cool

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God, I wish money was growing from trees

or I could win some kind of award

times are tough for me right now too,

it’s a depressed feeling.

I would take her up on having a visit.

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I’m with @Daze take her up on the visit, love you son

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Sorry for bringing up the issue of money @Daze I appreciate how upsetting it can be for people. If I won the lottery I would pay off everyone here’s money problems.

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Love you too mum

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no worries at all about posting this

I’d hope for the same

when in doubt

chocolate is always good, heehee.

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I haven’t been on too much lately, did you have a meds change or something?

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