Having thoughts about suicide


No recent med change but a lot of stress mum. Stress and isolation. Not a healthy combination.


You aren’t alone honey. You always have us. I know it’s not the same as a flesh and blood person but it will keep you connected somewhat. I’m sorry I haven’t been around for your hard time. I hope things get better. When does your family get back?


Don’t apologize for being “dramatic”. It’s damn scary when our minds don’t cooperate in our best interest. But I’m glad you are getting through = shows you have achieved the ability to communicate your feelings successfully. Kudos to you.:slightly_smiling_face:


Reaching out for help isn’t dramatic. It is brave. Glad your team got back to you. Hope you feel better. It is a scary place to be when that depressed.


I hope you are doing better now. Can you do things like going to a food bank to ease the grocery bill? If you own a cellphone can you downgrade to save some money? Just my two pence.


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