Having doubt again about if I was psychotic or not

why didn’t my doc just expose me as a disgusting malingerer… I don’t even know if I faked it or not

Believing you faked your illness is a symptom of psychosis. It is called ansogonosia (sp?)

Anosognosia is lack of insight, its different

You’re right. Worries about having faked or pretended psychotic symptoms is common though, I had it briefly myself once. But do realize that not knowing for sure if you faked something or not is in itself a very weird thought.

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Why is it weird?

What do you think would settle the question if you pretended or not? Faking or pretending has to do with intention. Ordinarily, you do not come to know your own intentions in retrospect. It is quite similar to how you cannot lie without knowing you’re lying.

Faking sz is a really naughty thing to do, proper naughty as a matter of fact

Believing you faked your illness is a type of lack of insight, and one of the top reasons people quit their meds and relapse.


i didnt fake sz…

well i wanna quit my meds bc of it

I know, just kidding

You aren’t delusional right now because of your injection. You need the meds. Keep taking them.

@Crystal-Cotton have you learned anything about limits yet? I am trying to do my homework, but I find it rather confusing.

Yes I have. I could teach u some hehe

But what if i never was delusional

Come on, why don’t you accept it and move on? It’s not the end of the world. Trust me.

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It means im a loser then

You’re not a loser. You just have a mental illness

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Here is the question that is driving me bananas right now. I don’t know what to do with the radical.

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is the radical square root of (4x+5) - 3? if so you multiply both numerator and denominator by square root of (4x+5) +3 and get (x-1)(sqrt(4x+5)+3)/ 4(x-1) , it becomes easy to do after that
called rationalizing of the denominator