Have your families ever lied to you and said things were delusions

That are blatantly obvious to everyone else is a reality, and rude people will point it out without you saying anything about it?

Like your family didn’t want to talk about anything real and unfortunate realities about yourself or life and how people are. so they made you out to be the delusional one for seeing it, like they thought you were too stupid to figure it out?

And now they’ll point out these unfortunate realities in ways they make out to be about other people, and then follow up with a similar, seemingly innocent comment about you to tie it in? Making it impossible for you to call them on it because they’ll just make you out to be crazy when it is just between you and them?

Can you give us an example?


For instance that I had a noticable speech impediment and abnormal way of talking. That didn’t stop people from making fun of me for it though. According to them, you would have to have been a licensed speech therapist to notice any abnormality in the way I talked whatsoever.

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The list could go on and on about the things wrong with me they denied were a reality even though I have the medical documentation saying it is a fact.

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My mom has used my illness against me in discussions at family dinner parties and she has also used it to gain sympathy from people. I hate it but I never comment on it because she can be really mean if I oppose her in front of others.

So I have a lot of animosity towards psychiatry because I think it can create a manufactured, sheltering existence towards people in vulnerable positions, even calling into question real abuse and bullying received by others. It gives them more “control” of the person to take the convenient position it is all in the person’s head, rather than acknowledge the unfortunate realities about things and maybe work on real world coping mechanisms. You can’t shelter your kids forever. Eventually reality will creep back in and they will be like a deer in head lights and have to learn how to deal with it the hard way. What can I say. That is my experience.


IDK is part of a repressed memory that came up very recently. I’d be inclined to just let it slide and put it down as a false memory. However is somewhat of a paper trail from the aftermath. Family is not talking openly about it. As pink floyd said All in all it’s just another brick in the wall.


I also have a lot of animosity towards Christianity because I think it can be twisted into a slave type of mentality. I really feel like it was used as a tool to raise me to be a victim/survivor rather than a fighter/winner.

Gee thanks for your support during my troubling times @Daimon


My family says I have false memories whenever they say something mean to me or have some kind of screw up, so I know what that is like. According to my parents, they have a perfect track record and have never lied to me or made a mistake, because every memory I have concerning this was a false memory.

For instance, my dad told me he is glad I suffer from ED because he doesn’t think I should have children. Since then, this has become a false memory. Another example is my sibling told me about how my mom had a root canal without pain killers to offer up the suffering to Jesus. I confronted her about it and she admitted it. Since then, this too has become a false memory.

This world is a god damned zoo.


Child abuse? :worried:


No, Something else entirely. Although do have memories of that also but unrelated to this. Was an affair by my mum. Declosing to dad, mum said I was imaging it all. Parents wedding certificate is after my younger brother is born. My birth certificate says they where married though before I was born. I’m guessing a devoice or separation. and got remarried after. All rather minor really but I have the memory of watching mum have sex when I was like 3/4. A lot of it makes sense on how my life life went after. Still struggling to get much support or answers on it all.

Hadn’t helped my relationship with women much either. When a female friend took her life about a year or so after the memory came up. Totally devastated me and hard not to feel responsible in some way. Been a total mess trying to find a therapist to help me deal with it all and the illness as well.

Memory also came up just before my dad died so has added to the complications with Karen’s suicide and the grieving process. As they say when it rains it pours.

I have tried to move on from all this drama I’ve been bringing up lately and never really talk about it, but I thought I would share some of the “unfortunate realities” of my past, which may have contributed to me being the disturbed individual I am today. I know, I sound emo.

But it sucks when you are cornered like an animal and surrounded by manipulators, liars, and assholes.

I come from a very abusive background. I shared a bit here:

I am not at all trying to make light of you or diminish what you are feeling by asking this, so I hope you take it in the spirit it is intended (which is to be helpful):

Are you receiving any sort of therapy to deal with this anger? If not, would you be willing to consider it?

Whatever it’s based on, the distress and anger you suffer is very real and I imagine very debilitating. I know that for me it was exhausting. Alienating, too. People would flee when they saw me trundling along the street with my baggage in tow.

Really hoping you can get some help with this.


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I am polite in person and don’t come off as angry to strangers. I really am not interested in therapy at this point. I think that might be counter productive to harp on old news and open up old wounds.