Have you got facebook account?

And did you consider to close it?i apply for my account to be deleted.because my facebook account make me paranoid.does anyone relate it?

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I’ve said this before…

Facebook is the one place where you get to meet all of the people you’ve purposely ignored your whole life…all on one page.

I don’t do Facebook anymore.


i had one and deleted it and then at some point i logged back in in a mail and it just came back… now i don’t use it but i leave it.

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I deleted all my social media when I was psychotic, too paranoid to get them back but I don’t care if other people have them its just not for me, I don’t want people knowing where I am and what I’m doing all the time.


Nah, haven’t had it for 3 years…

I’m glad I deleted it, one less thing to be addicted to.

Also, if I got one now, I’d only have like 30 friends on there😅


I dont use mine but I keep it up anyways. Sometimes random people from the past contact me. Its also nice to look back at old photos


I have for many years. Recently I deactivated it but activated it again. I’m seriously considering to permanently delete it cause it makes me paranoid and I don’t know how to use all the functions.

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I have a Facebook account and use it to keep contact with family members. Although, in the past 15 years since Facebook has gone live, I have deleted and recreated Facebook accounts at least 3-5 times.

You can just up the privacy settings so that no one but people you’ve added can see much about you. Thats what I did years ago and it always made me feel better about it.

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Mine made me super paranoid. I permanently deleted mine

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I dont use it anymore except for messenger. It made me depressed seeings my best friends becoming Drs and engineers, programmers, etc while I am disabled. Also its depressing seeing my pre sz friends hanging out without me. I have new friends but my pre sz friends were better I miss them.


I dont have the fb app on my phone, only the messenger app.

ah sorry to hear you miss them =(

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Thanks but I already did that.

Sometimes it’s small things that trigger me like someone appearing in my people you may know list, or an add.

You also can’t google search for my fb account.

I have a dormant facebook account with zero friends and posts. It was only to register my Quest 2 VR (which i think is a piss take), and i dont use it.

Its under my old name too, before i went deed poll.

Yes, I had my facebook account deleted.


Yeah me too. I erased all I could delete.

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Yep! I have it set to the highest privacy available, but even then I still feel paranoid, especially when someone I dont know tries to add me…

There’s a blocking feature. It works fine for keeping people you don’t want away from you.

I have facebook, I use messenger. It’s a piece of sh!t.

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