Deleted my facebook account

And created a new one just for close friends and family, mainly for friends that are out of the country and such.

Was so tired of the like culture it was really making me angry all the negativity or the personal posts, I don’t really care to practice voyerism into other peoples lives.

Now I have an account with max 15 people.


I wish I was brave enough to do that. I mean I am worried I would offend folk when I quit.

But funnily enough I have just changed my phone settings so it will only accept calls from family and my CPN. Feel better for it.

I had more than 700 friends in there, people from schools I’ve been in, work places, activism, all sorts. Got really tired of it.

Can you really delete a Facebook account? I was able to do it for my old account, but not for my new account (the only option is “deactivate it”).

I knew a guy who had 5000 friends and he couldn’t add anymore friends.

Yeah, but people can’t access it and it becomes deactivated, you can always go back on your decision and things come back.

I don’t even do FB, no one around me does FB.
I don’t know what FB is for, really.

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I haven’t had a facebook in years. Wasn’t a good thing for me given that I frequently feel wound up and agitated, and was also going through a paranoia phase where I was obsessed with and freaked out about the government. My facebook would just consist of rants and warnings about the government, FEMA camps, the New World Order, etc, and then everyone would ignore it, but comment/like someone’s toenail polish picture. And it would just make me hate humanity. But I was eventually able to have enough to clarity to see that it was just bad for me, and I deleted everything and never went back.

And yeah it was obnoxious was when like dozens of people from my former high schools who never talked to me in school, wanted to add me as a “friend” and whatnot. Was just creepy and annoying.


I don’t really know what’s it for also, I use it to talk to friends that are in other countries.

Yeah, if u have friends in other countries then I can understand, but there’s no meaning otherwise.

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You can delete your account; Google: deleting fb account. There is even you tube tutorial how to do it. You can find online special link to access deleting page but you cannot log in for two weeks otherwise your deleting process will be cancelled (I think it’s for people who may change their mind during this two weeks cause this process is irreversible). I used the Telegraph tutorial:

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I did the same as you. First I didn’t open any fb account and asked my family and friends from my home country to just send me emails or just call me but then I got separated because everybody used fb anyway and didn’t bother to use alternative media. Nowadays I became very fond of whatsapp where we made “family” group in which we upload pictures, short videos, short messages etc. Great thing to stay in touch, and we can also make phone calls and it’s all free!

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Yeah I have whatsapp too.

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eff dat fizzle bizzle fakebook crap

people and their opinions are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo over-rated (cept mine :sunglasses:)

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that said I hope your doing well @Minnii

How’s driver’s ed?

I’m doing good thanks. How are you?

It’s going fine, started the simulator yesterday. Cars basics, gears and whatnot.

I’m doin swell… playing video games… brushing up on maths and stuff

cassini huygens… titan stratosphere is 98% nitrogen… its troposphere is predominately a methane cloud with a bunch other organic molecules that make a haze… They used some kind of radar to map it from the huygens… found a bunch of lakes… seems devoid of much oxygen… terraforming unlikely

still due to its atmospheric density and low gravity… human bizzles could fly around just by flapping their arms…

this can also happen on the moon in an enclosed environment with a well designed wing system.

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Cool, glad you’re doing well.

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I see. Thanks for the link. It’s

I have a love/hate relationship with facebook. I have under 100 friends (mostly people I am in contact with somehow, college, hobbies, etc) and all my fb friends have thousands each. It’s really noticeable when only one or three people will like a post I make, compared to like 30 likes on one the popular friend’s posts.

One friend (doesn’t know I’m sz) asked why I didn’t have many facebook friends, as she thought it was unusual. It’s one of the things I’m not good at hiding when I play normal.

I also had bad experiences like someone tagged me in an adult video (I was never in an adult video, they just posted it and tagged me), and various stalker type behavior and now I’m paranoid about who is really friending me.

The whole social networking thing sucks cuz I’m not good at making friends lol. :confounded:

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