Facebook or no Facebook?

So I’m debating with myself - should I delete my Facebook account and leave it all behind? Or should I stay on?

Since joining I’ve been reunited with a few school friends and joined groups beneficial to me and laughed a lot at various jokes.

But I’m also concerned about spending my time doing more meaningful things and not waste it on posts I’m not interested in, and the ads and addictive checking. Maybe without this app I’d focus more on this group. I joined an sz group on there which I bonded with others but I’ve found there’s too many images on there, photos of others and me etc and maybe not enough privacy. And I’ve gotten all eager to take better photos of myself for my profile and worry maybe there will be people after me or taking my face and putting it on naked bodies (hell please no!! I’m getting a little paranoid here!)

Anyway just wanted you guys opinion. I’ve always preferred this group over the Facebook sz one because some of you guys know me for years what I go through when my sza flares up, and there’s more freedom to express myself here without having to worry about pending posts etc.

Thank you guys for being there for me! I hope to be on here for many more years to come even if I stop with Facebook.


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I need it every day …I dont write status …Just share memes motivating video and funny clips … thank u…

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I deleted mine and cried for two days then realized it was liberating. I was addicted. A year later I signed back up but I don’t use it. I only have it for messenger. I see how many days I can go without it.


No Facebook for me, and never again.


If I disable my account and then re-enable it all my friends think I blocked them…so I have to either keep it or delete it. But rn Im keeping it…

tbh I prefer the FB schizoaffective group everyone’s nicer to me on there. I can say “love and light” and I can talk about my actual thoughts without getting a post censored…

I keep Facebook to keep in contact with my relatives from around the world :earth_americas:.


No Facebook here, nothing good ever came from it.

When I got sober I had to say goodbye to my previous life, that included drug buddies and ex’s.

Deleted it in rehab, and have never looked back.

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I deleted mine a few years ago. I also never looked back. It’s just not a good website to spend my time on.

I don’t want people from my past to find me on FB. And I also don’t want to be tempted to look up people who used to be in my life.

Plus, I felt like I had to pretend that my life was perfect, putting out this fake version of me. And everyone else was doing the same thing (pretending their lives were perfect)! It just felt so fake… yet I couldn’t stop checking FB over and over.

I’m glad I don’t have it anymore. It just made me depressed, honestly.

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If you’re in doubt, I don’t recommend doing that, but if you’re sure, yes.

You took the words out of my mouth.

I can whole heartedly relate to everything.

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I technically have a FB account but I never use it, it’s got pics from about 5 years ago. I never respond to requests or anything, it’s a waste of brain tissue.


I got rid of mine as well.

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I don’t have facebook because when I become unwell I start contacting people on there constantly. So I shut it down.

I use fb groups for meetups for sport and also messenger

I got rid of it last year after only using it minimally. I didn’t like it. It’s more like a social game than something beneficial. Some guy invents something back in 2007 and then we all are going to jump through his hoops. No thanks.

Facebook sucks. No good for me.

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