Deleted my facebook

And here is what I think about that

:fu: :fu: :fu:


I deleted mine too.

I don’t want people to find me there that I don’t want to find me.

That’s the only reason


I would delete mine but I talk to my favorite auntie on there a lot.

I limit my friends to pretty much only prior military friends and family.

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Not closing mine. Let it seethe and bubble, all those xrazy f*ckers, occasionally someone or something noticeable happens. Gth/Ndustrial/Mtal/Nois ego children smashing against each other. Hilarity ensues.

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Note: Once about every 17 hours or so I get a text and photo saying “So-and-so has sent you a picture” and of course a picture of some overdone scene-ster posing somewhere. Thank you Faecesbook.

Haha mine went last week as well, after i learned to jailbreak my VR Headset. Mine was always full of narcisists telling everyone “how great they are”, with dumb filters on the photos.

And no i dont care your little brat got 100 likes either.

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I mever had one


I deleted mine several year ago. My family kept posting pics of me and tagging me snd I had to keep manually untagging myself. It was very frustrating. I don’t want my pics out there


You mean your meta??


I closed down my Facebook, but restarted it later on. Now I only have 31 friends. It’s mainlyfamily and close friends.

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I’ve had several Facebook accounts over the years, but I’ve kept my current one the longest. I have 59 friends and family members on it. Mostly people from school that friended me to say what’s up, but I don’t talk to them, except very occasionally. I use it primarily to follow interesting people and stuff I am interested in. I also follow a variety of news sources from around the world to get a wider perspective on the issues and what is going on.

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Never had one.


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I was never on Facebook either…

I don’t have a Facebook account but I’ll use my fathers account to help him out.
Lots of family on there.

I got rid of mine as well.

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