Have you got facebook account?

I just like FB for the groups otherwise I don’t care about it.

I’ve had like 4 Facebook accounts. First couple of times I didn’t like it, then the third time I got paranoid and shut it down, Now I have had my current account for a while and have kept it, linked up with a bunch of old friends from public school and high school, and family I haven’t seen in a while.

I’ve had moments of paranoia but they pass, overall I am happy with it now, but I rarely post anything, just mostly scroll through the news and stuff.

Facebook asked me if I wanted to set up a fundraiser for charity, and they had the mental health thing here in the UK called Mind

So far I have raised £230 from it!

They even sent me a message saying thank you


I’m quite happy with Facebook, it has a lot to offer if you take the bother to learn its ways.

I’ve had an FB account since 2009. I’ve used it a lot to connect with other authors, sell my book, and more. I have a small number of good friends and use messenger a lot.

My account is private, you can’t find me without me giving my info, I don’t show up in searches.

It really has never made sense for me to have facebook as im not into making friends

I use facebook for the groups too.
That’s very useful to connect with people who have the same hobby.

I have an fb, but it’s set to private. No one can see any info on me unless I add them as friends.
And once a year I do a purge where I remove people I’ve had no interactions with and no interest in keeping contact with.

I like fb, it’s a good way to feel a little included in the lives of friends and family who live other places.

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I will mention that I make it a point not to add school friends or coworkers “just because”, until they have achieved a friend status in my head.

I’m not on fb to make friends, I’m there to maintain the friendships I’ve already made.