Has schizophrenia caused you to feel feelings that you've never experienced before?

Such as thoughts that do not feel like your own thoughts, feeling (not thoughts) that your body is being controlled, etc.

For me…

  • It can make what I eat taste like death, what I see look like death, and what I hear sound like death. Not the taste or appearance of a dead body, but actual death
  • It can make any object I see talk to me - not audibly but visually: it will put a visual “filter” or “layer” on that object which expresses that saying (not as a written text, but you could see what it is saying)
  • It can place a fake focus on any part of my body (a feeling), or any external object (both, a feeling, or visual fake focus)
  • It can produce a feeling of fake talking (I feel like I said something out loud, but I didn’t)
  • It can produce fake memories that feel different from normal memory
  • It can produce a feeling in my mind that I am not allowed to think, and a feeling that I am not allowed to remember something
  • It can make my body feel like it is moving by itself, or being controlled by something else than me (those 2 are different, the 1st is rather a lack of feeling than a new feeling)
  • It can produce a feeling of torture in a part of my body - a very strong, unbearable feeling. It’s a new feeling, completely different from pain, and worse than pain. It is only removed or alleviated when moving my body. More on that here: Has schizophrenia caused you pain or other physical/bodily torture?
  • It can produce fake, foreign thoughts and concepts - I seem to understand them, but I feel they are not mine

I have never experienced any of these feelings in my life before this condition came to my life.

yes I had amazing sex with a ‘ghost’.

I got turned on like never before though that may even have been a drip they put me on

I saw angel eyes occasionally which nearly moved me to tears

I experienced loneliness like never before

I experienced fear like never before

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Ya, hell and worse places…

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Yes, but mainly emotionally: extreme euphoric highs and hellish depths and the most horrific terror imaginable. Nothing sensory.


Yeah most definitely and none of them good feelings

Yes it has changed me tremendously.

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I am plagued by this, have been for as long as I can remember, imaginary conversations. I know no one is there & that I’m talking to myself but it is more compelling than reality. That’s because the imaginary conversations are accompanied by agonising emotions of frustration, anguish, despair and rage. It feels terrible & rarely relents.The imaginary conversations are re-plays of conversations I’ve recently had in reality, or, if I haven’t had one recently they are re-plays of bad arguments and fights from long ago.

@jassy22 @Andrey Can you bring any specific examples of those feelings?

And one more I remember:

  • It can cause fake pleasantness/enjoyment in my body that doesn’t feel pleasant, but feels similar to it in a sense

The voices say most of the fake feelings are meant to confuse and damage my subconscious mind and/or my soul.

Well first of all I suffered strong negative symptoms for around 3 years. Extreme apathy and lack of feelings. After which I started getting gradually bettet thanks to a combo of: med reducing, cbt and prayer. Dunno which one worked better. I was eventually able to get more active and I got a part-time job, then full-time job.

Lately I’ve been less active and more distracted. Some mood changes too but manageable.

I wonder if I was even worse mentally/emotionally prior to sz sometimes. I was pretty bad off prior to dx. I mean really bad.

Do u smoke tobbaco?

Yes I get feelings that they are putting things in my body and they say its hell energy that will activate when I die

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Negative symptoms primarily and then delusions cause reality and perception problems.

I think that’s much more simpler than what you are describing though.

I don’t get strange sensations or anything like that and my hallucinations are under control.

No… I don’t smoke.

Dont start my voices keep saying iam going to hell for it

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