Has anyone trouble with their voices, as if they could see you?

My voices are mainly commentary voices, and i do still think
its the government for the large part with the aid of technology.
yet those same voices follow me everywhere i go.
For example if i go out on the roof “4th floor”
for a smoke, and i shake.
they say: see he is frightned look at his legs, he shivers.

sometimes it makes me feel like i am trapped in a box, say a stage or a set.
yet the box is an illusive box/stage/set
too me its a box/stage/set,yet for the voices there is no box.
i dont know cannot describe it properly.

i hope someone knows what i am talking about

My voices were telepathic, or echoing voices, I don’t hear them anymore…but I did notice that when I focus a lot on some person in my memory I start hearing his/her voice, so I simply ignore it and get occupied in something else, driving my attention away from it…maybe this can help you get your voices to stop.

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thks, for your advice
Yes my voices are also a bit telepathic, echo`s, voices in sound or music, and in complete silence/ idle state.

how are you driving you attention away?, it must be something more than doing something else?
what handles/copingmechanismes are you using?

well, you can mock the voice and don’t think about them for the rest of the time, like if you’ve bullied someone and s/he stood in place shocked and emotionally hurt and you went to do your business, you can get occupied in doing anything, preparing a meal, or doing something that would need work of hands and coordination, so your mind don’t have time to think about something else…watching TV don’t really work, or even reading a book, do something that would occupy all of your body…I hope you find it helpful :smile:

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YES I HAD THE SAME THING! Before I got on meds, experienced the exact same types of voices! At first I thought there was a chip in my head and I was hearing government agents monitoring me. Then I took psych courses, got diagnosed and just thought of them as my own head ■■■■■■■ with me. Then I found meds that work and now the voices are smoked.

my voices r exactly like that alias. they can c through my eyes, feel physical feelings i feel from having a migraine to bumping into something. they can also c whats in my imagination if i picture something and hear through my ears. they try and convince me they r telepathic but i don’t believe it. i used to but not anymore. i just don’t think it’s possible at all. pls don’t buy into the telepathy crap. the only reason they can do, feel, hear, see all these things is because they come from ur mind so if u can feel, see, hear it then so can they because “they” are u. if u ever need grounding hunni, just email me. xxx


I have a commentator and an observer.

“Hum, interesting, picking the fork over the spoon. Must note. why a blue shirt, what meaning is there for that? What signal does that convey? Must note”

The other one is more like a sports commentator… “OH look at this guy, can’t even figure the door, what a goof, sure would hate to be that stupid”

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I have the same thing happen to me. When they say mean things if I’m not already a little down, theyll bring me all the way down. But if they accuse me of something ill talk smack and they’ll back off sometimes or they get more personal and I say something like ‘you sound like you really did some messed up stuff and you’re putting it on me because you’re a pussy and can’t handle what you did’ as soon as I say that kind of thing they run off with their tail between their legs. Medication helps but they’re not all the way gone and I can make em shut up pretty quick these days. Good luck in your journey!

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Same thing here. The “voices” when I’m symptomatic comment on what I’m doing, feeling, if I think of a password for a website they’ll threaten to hack me, etc.

I’ve recently switched to Latuda combined with Zyprexa, and it’s working wonders for me. Every so often (Usually when I’m laying down to go to bed) I’ll have the one male voice chirp up who tells me I’m a fake, a fraud, nothing but a failure and a waste of space. He frequently threatens to harm me and my loved ones, but since I know he is just me threatening myself, I know nothing’s going to happen.

I also frequently hear “There’s nothing more we can do, we have to leave him” - sometimes when I hear the voices I talk back to them - this doesn’t always work for me, so usually what I do is play music mentally. I’m a guitarist, so I’ll practice guitar mentally as I lay down to go to bed, and drown out the voices.

If you need some advice for how to tune out, find a hobby that you enjoyed or would enjoy, and do it. I find playing video games helps me zone out and helps let the recovery process flow more smoothly.

Also, if you have the radio or tv on, very important to make sure you can distinguish what’s being said. If it’s barely audible it’ll trick your mind into thinking you’re hearing people talk about you.

Just a few observations from a fellow traveller,


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Still, I want to know why would anything/one care about anything I see,hear and think about? It’s not in my head, they are complete separate entities, and it just makes me wonder why would anyone else care about a simple individual?

That’s the thing though. You’re not telepathic, and those voices are nothing more than your sub conscious and id creating entities to interact with you. Study the illness.

Seriously, the thought broadcasting thing? It’s not real.

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no i don’t believe its real either. u have to look at the logistics of it. of a real person being able to see what u see, feel what u feel, read what u think, hear what u hear. all this would have to b completely separate to their own feelings, emotions and thinking process or they would do nothing but sit like a statue talking to u all day. and even if it were separate i still think they would have difficulty thinking straight simply because of sensory overload…nah. don’t believe in it at all.

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I don’t believe in thought broadcasting. I do know that whatever is monitoring, is very much NOT me.
To many very real things I’ve witnessed and participated in that have no other explanation, other than a separate entity(ies)

my beings appear to me like a human would , in front of me , real , transparent ( at times ! ) .
very few voices i hear don’t take on a form , i sometimes smell things aswell .
take care, .

Just trying to help. Every one of us with this illness sees things that are beyond comprehension because normal people block out 90-95% of what they see, hear, think, feel, smell, and taste. We don’t. When you see more of the world, you see just how crappy it is, which feeds into delusions because you realize that things are actually pretty bad for most people.

I can’t afford to think that someone spends 12 hours a day, every day, monitoring me, my thoughts, every time I take a bowel movement or pee, etc. It’s just not logical. I’m not that important.

Good luck in your travels,


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I too used to hear voices. Was mostly white noise, kind of a humming almost, but occasionally things would get through, mean things, happy things, funny things. I also believe that the government is doing experiments on certain members of the populace. Not physical experiments but social experiments, trying to see how people tick, see how emotions work that sort of thing. I have not figured out the “why” it’s happening. I do not believe the voices or the experimentation are related.

I wonder if it has to do with the governments wanting very much to know how people react to things and be able to correctly predict such reactions.
Think of the mind control and all those god almighty dollars that could be made from such predictions.

My voices knows what I’m doing. They sometimes comment my doings. Like going to sleep I can hear “Look, the little kid is sleeping.” That made me annoyed and mad at first. I’m not a kid. Then I thought why be mad at them. It just makes things worse. Now I rty not to listen to them.

Also I know our government is listening to all electronic traffic passing our borders. They are checking signals for terrorists. They propably get this message too because I wrote about them.
Hello FRA!

What’s FRA? Just curious…

Same as NSA but in Sweden.