Voices, your experiences

Do you guys talk to your voices, are they people you know? Family?

I’ve decided I’m never talking to my voices again.


I don’t get voices often. About half the time it’s been family. They never addressed me directly so I’ve never found myself talking back.

I only talk to one.

Its a weird relationship,

He’s the reason I’m never able to stay on medication and plan to stop getting Abilify injections.

I love him,

He keeps me from being lonely.

Its kinda sad that I feel that way,

But I don’t want him to go away ever again.

He’s not like anyone I know,

But I was straight up obsessed with “Oz” when he showed up for the first time ( I was twelve ),

So he looks a lot like an inmate there.

Tattoos, dirty, liberal use of the f word.

Weird, huh?


@anon54386108 Is that so you can still hear Oz?
I’d like nothing more than for my voices to p*ss off,there’s so many of them, it’s hard to listen anyway, and they dictate to me so much. Free will for the win.

@anon99233869 do they discuss you amongst themselves?

I talk to my voices sometimes, mostly to say, “shut up,” because they’re getting annoying and suggesting things I don’t want to do.
It’s funny because you’ll randomly hear me say, “shut up” or “■■■■ off” then looking around to make sure nobody heard me.


voices are assholes lol just try and ignore them :slight_smile:

No, I think he is just heavily influenced by my obsession with the show.

I’m not obsessed with it anymore, but he remains the same.

I have other voices too, but they’re just distracting and nonsensical,

With one other exception.

And she just makes comments about my weight,


Also unwanted commentary on my marriage.

So yours make a lot of demands?

Mine used to, I really got a lot of relief from CBT.

There was another voice that was very demanding and he’s all but silent now.

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Yeah, it mostly just confused me as I look around expecting to see someone. But sometimes they just laugh and don’t really say words. Idk

I talk to my voices sometimes. I usually say non sensical things. I also tell them to shut up.

Mine are random or my alters. I talk to them all the time but today they are being heinous

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Mine come and go over time. Mostly it is one voice, a woman, who comments about me, my environment, and what is going on at the time. She is kind and funny. She uses certain phrases often, like, “Call God,” or “What does that say?” She mostly comes to me when I am not doing so well. I don’t know anyone with her voice.
I don’t talk to her. I am actually unable to. Once I got annoyed with here and told her to be quiet, and she listened.

I’ve learned over 98 percent of my voices are not real. 2% are chance of being real.

I think talking to them only encourages them.

Which is why a simple shut up is all I could do.

they are internal. I have 3 so far. I dont know em. we discuss sometimes.


My voices are very confusing. They change their voice constantly, and there’s not “one”, it’s like a chorus.

Only the little girl I hear at night, she’s really the only one I hear outside of my ears. She tells me scary things and makes my eyes snap open because it’s disturbing.

The loudest/main voices are the woman and man. The man changes his voice and talks to me, whether annoying or just stupid. I talk back automatically. Sometimes he gets mad, but it’s really the woman who gets mad. She insults me and tells me bad things I don’t like, but she’s not talking to me much anymore, I think because I realized that she was just in my head. Either that, or she changed her voice/she’s in the back of my head. It’s weird, because I can’t focus on the voices. If I do, I will depersonalize and it’s not pretty.

And the Narrator. He/she narrates EVERYTHING I do, and repeats what I’m thinking or what someone has said and is annoying as hell. Sometimes he changes his voice to who ever was in the last t.v/youtube video I was watching, and I think that person is in my head.

I also have the background voices. The two that mess up my ears so that when real people talk to me, I hear “Ghbbis hdhfu sleep fjijmx killdh chd uglyhsjhf fhddj” and it annoys others because I’m asking them to repeat what they said. Then there’s the crowd that’s always back there, gets louder when I sleep. They don’t say anything specific, just a crowd of people talking.

There’s the two that whisper about me, call my name loudly, or laugh at me. Sometimes I think the laughter is real, especially when I’m suspicious of someone.

I also hear a constant ringing, sometimes water, yelling, muffled noises, unpleasant vomiting noises, gagging, bugs (I also have sensations of centipedes in my ears), radio noises/static.

To sum it up, it’s hell for me. I usually just tell them to shut up and get angry or hit the table to make them silent. When I’m sleeping, I can’t do anything but allow them to torture me. But in a way, it’s very comforting to me, because I feel like I’m not alone. When I have to face the hallucinations of ghosts, slenderman, and tall black figures in my room, they’re my only comfort.


I have voices other family at times and random people.

Sometimes like today I’m hearing a swirl of voices in my breath while wearing headphones.

It’s annoy and they always come with this negative talking down sense. No matter what I’m doing they can make me somehow feel wrong. Also some say messed up stuff. Some even lie and say I’ve done things I haven’t.

I don’t think they realize they are the ones I trying and if they do they get a suck enjoyment about cashing you issues

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I don’t know what’s going on with my voices. I don’t really hear them at all unless I try to talk to them and then they sound very distant. :-/


I feel constantly intruded on by voices and vibes.

Ehat is very odd is all these issues started after looking into conspiracy theories in high school.

I didn’t even have anxiety and was a very upbeat popular dude.

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I’m curious about what’s happening to me. For the most part I experience visual and tactile hallucinations but in extreme stress I have heard an occasional external voice.

However, my thinking has been quite weird as of late. I can’t control my thoughts and they tend to argue. It sounds like my thoughts, not anyone else, but there’s always more then one stream of conciousness. I’ve also noticed I’ve been thinking a lot in 2nd(?) point of view (ex. YOU should eat something, They don’t like YOU ect) my mind has been very loud for the past while, like my thoughts are YELLING and there’s two three or sometimes four different points of view all arguing about my life.

Does this happen to anyone else?


That’s a tough one. Could be your mind just seeing different perspectives. Do you have your own perspective or are you having to agree with one.

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