Is it a voice? Or just a thought?

Hello everybody. Joined this forum recently and benefited already. I am sorry if i am coming up with a topic which was created before. Any how one of the users talks about hearing a voice which she describes as The Controller. I am just having difficulty to see the difference between a thought and voice. I want to know if you are really hearing voices in your head, I will describe my voices as mute. They are not real life voices. What is your experience about this? Years ago i heard a dog bark in my head, and also heard an arrow hitting the wall. They sounded real but other wise my inner voices seems to be mute that i wont hear them as real but some of them tend to direct me in ways that i dont enjoy.

That’s probably a usual part of the hearing voices spectrum. I have had it range from racing thoughts to clear voices in my head. :smile:

Thank you mrjeremyfisher. When i say my voices are mute, that doesn’t mean that they are not talking to me. Yes i can hear it but in a different way. That’s why im am having difficulty distinguishing them from thoughts. Thanks for coming up with the term “hearing voices spectrum” That really meant something. It explains a lot:)

I’m glad I could offer some useful input. :slight_smile:

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Hi @Timur and welcome to the forum! I hope you will enjoy your stay and that it will be beneficial for you to be here.

As for the voices, I can’t help you there , unfortunately, I only heard things that weren’t there right after sleep and it seems that’s pretty normal. My illness does not manifest itself through hallucinations, which might be a good or a bad things, the issue is still debatable. :smile:

Later edit: I found a reference talking about Intrusive thoughts as opposed to hearing actual voices. Maybe that difference might help in your search.


Thank you for the good wishes, i know it sounds a bit dry but really thanks. Intrusive thoughts, yes they are. I started my medication a year and a half ago. I was complaining about intrusive thoughts then. It got better in time however my feeling is that it is hitting back when things get stressfull. I should admit that i never informed my doctor about any sounds i hear (in that sense i never heard them) He also pointed out to intrusive thoughts. Destroying (if it is the right word) intrusive thoughts was one of our aims. I think i got into thinking about voices after reading the messages on this lovely forum. I am not fully sz but I gather from what my doctor told me that i am in some way fall into this category of mental illness. I smoked weed in the past as my previous doctor told me that my troubles are related to that. I will google intrusive thoughts and try to understand better what it is all about

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I find the intrusive thoughts/loud thoughts/voices distinction hard.
With me it was like words, sentences appearing directly in the mind, with no real idea how they got there because they were unrelated to what I was thinking about.
Mostly happened in bed at night. Medication had stopped it but a few incidences recently, just not the same turnover of phrases etc as before flashing through my mind.

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Sometimes i find my self doing the things that are ordered by an inside voice. I am confused too about the voices but in mey experience i never hear real voices as such. Inside voice appears like a thought however it is something i tend to resist and sometimes i do the things i am asked, it is disturbing. After reading few posts on this forum i came to the conclusion that there are people who hear real voices and thankfully that is not the case for me. It must be much more difficult to cope under those circumstances.


My voices are heared outside of me. I have a hard time knowing if they are real of not in a crowd. But when I’m alone I know they are voices. Usually they get really bad when I relaxe, like in the evening.

I listen to music to settle the voices. The noicier the circus is the harder music I listen to. I listen to everything from Kitaro to Slipknot depending on voice activity.


I have kind of a voice/intrusive thoughts/ordinary thoughts spectrum.

For me a normal thought passes though my head calmly, and I recognise it is from myself;

an intrusive thought is something placed in my head that I would not think of, and that would upset me;

and a voice is a more powerful and upsetting and agitating thing than thoughts, from inside my head, but definitely not from me, but from a man that lives in my head called Alien. He is a foreign body entering me from outside and talking in my head; he lives in my brain like a house. He is sometimes joined by a female voice defending me and discussing me, and Alien is responsible for the intrusive thoughts, too, but he doesn’t speak to me in them like he does in a voice - an intrusive thought is more vague, but still upsets me.

To explain the above better, a voice is like something that comes to me as ‘You’re a hypocrite and a liar. Cut yourself to prove you’re real’ - something like that, and an intrusive thought is when for example I think of a bad thing like murdering a loved one or seeing blood come out of them. All my intrusive thoughts are bad - or so it seems, but not all my voices are bad, like in the female voice defending me against Alien’s accusations.


Thank you for sharing your experinces, it must be difficult to cope with all. Human beings are the most sofisticated machines in many ways. Perhaps it is us or others who create all these thoughts and voices. I mean external reasons may play their role for us to have such things. However at the end off the day we are the ones who has to deal with such things. I find mindfulness practice usefull. In the US there is guy called Jon Kabat-Zinn who is teaching this practice which is based on Buddhism and I should say that the practice doesn’t ask you to become a Buddhist but it is based on Buddhist thinking. It gave a new perspective about how my mind is working. I read two of his books. One can hear him talking to people about it on youtube. I thought you might be interested. All the best and again thanks for your input towards my inquiry.

       The word controller just hits me. Iv'e heard voices in the astral including god almighty refer to my father and law Joe Murphy as one of the controllers. He controls what I sound like, and what I feel like. I am always having a different voice with someone different talking through me all the time. That's part of why one of my psychiatrist diagnosed me with multiple personality or disassociated schizophrenia. To answer your question the voices I hear in my head sound like thoughts, but they are the vopices of other people. At times I am completely clairvoyant and can hear the voices of the people. I contribute this to telepathy which I think all of us have once the lords protection is removed from your body. I have been fortunate enough to have heard all of the voices in the battle arena. The voices of the powers that be. Iv'e heard from God Almighty, the queen of england, nick nolte, michael douglas, and to my surprise I have spent alot of time listening to people that I have known in reality like my father in law, my x-wife, my x-brother in law, my cousin frank, my little sibblings, and to my surprise a girl friend and other friends from 25 years ago. I had now Idea they were following my act over all these years. Telepathy is very real for me, but it's also problematic because thoughtfull words are'nt the only thing expressed in the astral, there are also feeling expressed, and thought transfered. They can cause severe pain as well as pleasure, and can really screw you up good. They have sent me on a head trip telling me they are going to make the president out of me, and have caused me a real headache to sort through.

There is a type of voice called thought echo
Where internal voices follow your thoughts very closely
Used to get that a lot

I’ve heard from Dr. Phil, he’s one of the negative voices in my head, which is why I had to quit watching his show, and he’s sort of died down but he’s still there, also other reality TV stars…when I was younger, before officially diagnosed I used to think celebrity pictures on my wall were talking to me…I’d have full conversations with them. I eventually tore down the photos because I couldn’t take them looking at me.

Putting my two sense in this I hear mostly inside my head, I rarely hear outside my head. To me, the voices I hear in my head are not mine because I can not control them. I can not get them to stop them the way I can get my own personal thoughts to stop. The voices I can’t control are typically negative in nature, saying how worthless I am, how no one wants me, how uncreative and stupid I am. I don’t believe I’m a stupid person, but it’s hard to fight the voice when it calls me worthless and the uncreative hurts just as much because I consider myself a writer and I rely on my creativity.

Sometimes I see images in my head, like a TV flipping channels; or like, if you’d sit at your computer and were bombarded with pop-up ad’s, no matter how many you closed, five more would pop up. Again, this is different than when I’m “day-dreaming” because I can control the day-dream, I stop day-dreaming when I want to, these images I cannot stop. They’re not really telling me what to do, but I see images of my wrists or skin being cut and blood running down my arms. They don’t tell me to go cut myself, they just show images of me being cut and it gets disturbing after a while.

It’s voices.not a thought… If u just have a thought. That’s not schizophrenia

I told my psychiatrist that Satan was trying to poison me. She said I was hearing voices and put me back on an antipsychotic. This time it is Seroquel. I hope it works. Satan burns my eyes and takes my insides out. I quit going to church. I have a thing with sin. I just have a horrific “brain/body disease.”

I had problems going to church as well and being Catholic it’s hard not to go. I keep thinking the priest is staring at me, and God is judging me negatively through church because I can’t sit through services without my head being so noisy, or I beat myself up if I can’t say a prayer without the voices in my head disrupting me. In the long run, it’s easier if I just don’t go.

My voices are usually clear as day and they are even much more intelligent than me. They say completely coherent things usually.

And at times they know things as well that i do not and could not.

They have even spoken through me as if i was a mouthpiece, you know, like channeling or something like that. It was absolutely unwilling and the whole thing has been just horrible. They began to speak to me through myself, there was nothing that i could do, it just started coming out.

I was in the shower, sorry, don’t mean to horrify anyone, and i was thinking “you know what, i am just sick, this is all in my head, im insane and it’s nothing but a disease and malfunction in the brain.” They instantly began to say in my mind “we. are. talking. to. you. this is not you thinking, we are speaking to you right now. we are talking to you.”

It was coming out of my mouth as well. Some do this for a living as well, like a voodoo dude channeling and portraying verbally the message being spoken, but like i said i just want to be left alone and it’s not willing and never was.

Sometimes they know things to. They know where to find things, they knew the outcomes of sporting events before the game was played, they even told me i was a schizophrenic long before i had problems or had even heard of it, and just recently they began telling me the cards that would come up on a card game.

Crazy right?! Well it gets worse, they have even physically harmed me on three seperate occasions now, two of these times someone appeared visually while it happened.

Thats some of my experience.

Thought insertion is a good topic to research, though considered delusional by the care. Mental care refuses to discuss this which is only what delusional means until you think you can fly, you are napoleon, an alien or president Obama. This is the smoke screen to discourage you from discussing your symptoms and coping skills but it is customary of mental care to refuse to discuss something and use ‘delusional’ as excuse.

Thought insertion is artificial hijacking of your own internal mental voice. This happens when you keep thinking a word or phrase repeatedly which is not related to current train of though, activity or what is going on around you. All the other voices in your head can sound like anything, it is just so hard to ignore when your internal voice disappears for a little while and you get harassed with this. I would ignore it or try doing a physically demanding activity which doesn’t require much thinking.


I don’t do voices but hallucinate sometimes!

I do have a strong, central voice ( thought ) that comments upon everything I do! I think that is pretty close to what I’ve experienced of voices per se…it was always there and that is a problem if you think with a bit of hindsight!

A friend in the struggle,