What are your voices like?

I’m just wondering what your voices are like to you? Are they mean? Friendly? Random and weird?

Also can you block them out on command whenever you need to?

they were trying to get me to kill myself. they insulted me and talked about everything i was doing.

I don’t here voices anymore but when I did they insulted me and were a little funny at times.

i hear voices all the time, i used just to get the bad ones, " we want your soul " and so on…that was the nice comment !
the last seven years i get both bad and good, but i would be pretty lost without them, i am used to the noise .
take care

They come to me mostly when I try to go to sleep, years ago it was my dad’s voice cursing and insulting, then they disappeared for some time, they come back when I’m stressed and the voice relate to the person causing me the stress, I also had auditory hallucinations sometimes, lately the voices come before sleeping are back, but they are the voice of my mom or some other people I know or heard lately, and it’s just annoying talking nothing really important is being said. I do however hear a sound that tells me stuff about my self in the future or stuff that I have to do, and they help me really through bad times.
I stop the voices by me talking and talking loudly to my self, and I sleep with the light on, which does really reduce all the symptoms, and when I’m in a good mood all the symptoms get washed away, u may try that as well.

Over the years some have left completely. There are a few though, that are still with me. The panic man I can ignore. He’s just screaming panic. The commentator is just a running commentary on every thing I do. The little girl and the hypnotist are the two worst. My intruding thoughts come from the little girl. The hypnotist is cold and clinical and convinces me what a horrid person I am. I also have a few good ones. I’ve been able ignore them at times. If I’m busy they fade. When I’m sitting too still and to tired and too distracted, they come back a little louder. But for the most part I can ignore them. They sound like muffles behind a door most of the time. They only really get ugly and distracting when I’m having a bad day.

I don’t mind them now. In fact if my head is to too quiet it makes me a little ill. I need them for balance.

Male voice 1 is scaring me. Tricking me. Tells me I’m bad and nobody likes me. Male no 2 is whispering in my ear when I go to sleep. Watching me and telling me I’m sleeping.

I’ve had a third male voice talking about history and books with me. He was not scary at all. But I got pretty tired of hearing history lessons or politics all day.

2 women doesn’t say much. One woman told me to tear down the wall to release the angels that were stuck in the walls.

I also have a child voice. It’s calling for me every now and then. I go check my kids when that happens but they have not called for me.

That gave me a bit of a smile. My Dad is an art and history teacher so I was picturing a running loop of one of my Dad’s history lessons running through your head. Not scary at all, just boring. I can tell he likes teaching art more. He’s less monotone when he talks art and he has bigger hand gestures.

I value children and one of my voices is a child’s voice. You have kids, and one of yours is a child’s voice. I wonder if it’s like that for a lot of people. The voices pattern what you know.

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It is like having a teacher following me. Haha

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This is a bit off topic of voices, but having a teacher following you…
My mom is a science and math teacher. We were going to a family dinner shortly after I got released from my very first hospital stay. It wasn’t going to be huge, just different. Mom was so nervous.

She was so nervous about how the family would react to me being there, and the questions that could be asked, and the level of awkward this could become, so she actually took her dry erase white board and one of her text books to the dinner. I remember she got up and presented something rather long liner equation and calculus looking when the questions started coming. An atomic rocket ship probably had less math. People were so math confused by the end of it no one said a word about me. I actually loved my Mom for that. It was so odd and funny and totally took the focus off me.


Haha. What a great idea she had. :slight_smile:

I have 3 Mel Gibson voices, two Melanie Browns over 200 others famous and non famous, dead and alive… but most of the time it’s mainly Melanie and Mel. They r very nasty and when tthey’re not I just wait for the change which comes soon enough. I have heard my family and friends but they don’t really talk much anymore as I don’t believe I am telepathic with them so they have no impact anymore. They used to b omnipresent but not so much these days. Both the two main ones threaten to kill me by giving me a stroke or heart attack if I go to the police about a an abuse case. Voices r ■■■■. Wish I didn’t have them but I can’t afford to b a zombie so I’ll stick with the meds I have which don’t do ■■■■ for voices to be honest.

There’s a narrator, and a few people who randomly say negative things. But there are several voices who can tell the future and make really smart conclusions; example is when I was thinking last night about how I wanted to feed my bird but my hands were dirty, then the voice said u should fast for a day like the bird, then I said good idea wait my bloodsugar would go in the toilet and then they were like soo what about the bird then? And at the same time that I was like oh snap I twitched and the car I was sitting next to creaked.
I also hear music a lot and at night I can control it. And its really clear and beautiful. I also hear my mom (she passed away) mostly at night. I can usually argue with the negative voices and it will back off, they are fairly reasonable. Only when I agree with their negative stuff like that I’m stupid will they keep it up and escalate things to the point of suicidal stuff

There are a couple of friends who are jokesters and never solo, bunch of children, a few lost souls waiting for a hand to guide them to the other side, some odd people waiting for me to die so they can claim my soul, actually, my ex husband oversold my soul 5x over (so they think) and it’s a riot trying to be the first one in line when I die…and yes, they try to accelerate the process. The 500lb woman in the poka-dotted tutu cracks me up until she covers my nose and mouth with her short fat fingers…the loner in the woods, the time broker with the shop,life and employee travel agent, the scientist writing a paper, the musicians whose often off-key notes and purposely slow tunes keep me laughing…yeah, the list goes on…and on…and on…

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I have about 200 voices in total. But not all of themspeak all of the time. They pretend rob friendly then get really nasty. It’s ok though, I can cope. Noedication I’ve tried gets rid of them. So I guess I just have to suffer them for now.

Mine are “jump off a cliff, you were born evil”.

Sometimes my brother’s voice says all kinds of treatening words among other voices, but my meds are working. I have not seen my brother in 19 years and he is in China today. I saw his boys in 2012 and I gave them each 20 euros as a gift. I did create this great family tree and told my mother to share this info with his boys so that they know the truth I did not know when I was at their age long time ago.

Math can help people to improve their mind. When I lived with my father and he had all kinds of problems such as dementia I gave him all kinds of mathematical problems to be solved and then I checked if he had answered correctly. We also played some poker in which he had to use his brain. In 1989 I had a math assitant job in one university, when I still was a student in the same university. My high school teacher told me in 1986 to continue in my math actvities. When I lived in my auto in America I did math exercises such as multiplying two 5-digit numbers and I timed how fast I was.

I dont understand the crowd in my head its mostly there 24/7 in the background if I dont focus on the noise but when I am paying attention most of times one voice out of crowd will get louder n louder n make words but i dont even understand the voice. Sometimes i hear it in top of my head, back of my ear etc…mostly okay musical type noises… different kinds of noises everday I cannot describe as I am deaf and cannot compare the sounds to real sounds however there are times when barking happens and i have felt someone poking my head with a finger at same time barking sound happens. its a constant thing ive grown to be okay with most of the times though i miss pure silence of nothingness idk how other deaf people explain theirs i just try to say its just cacophony when im focused on em noises.

I haven’t had any kind of hallucinations for a while, but when I do they are more visual than auditory. But when I do get auditory hallucinations, they are more noise hallucinations, like doorbell ringing, sirens, door knocking, those types. I do hear voices, but not as much as noise types. The voices I hear are usually familiar - family members or myself.