Has any one lost any weight while being on invega sustenna injections

I need motivation. I am on 50mg of invega sustenna and I am trying to lose weight. Instead I find I am gaining 2lbs a month. Has anyone had any success in losing weight while being on this medication. Is it worth it to start working out???

Doing aerobic exercise like running, swimming, hiking, rowing…etc… will burn more calories than working out (lifting weights). You have to be committed to do the exercise daily.

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i find that if i take my multivitamin, green tea extract, and b12 my appetite is about as gone as my libido


oh and Wellbutrin

i put on 30 to 40 pounds initially. but as I adjusted to the meds I was able to lose weight.

the thing I found is that my metabolism has been affected and I don’t have to eat much. like 2000 calories to gain weight.

recently I’ve lost 10-15 pounds by intermittent fasting and increasing my activity level. so basically I eat 800-1200 calories a day during one meal and go outside and garden. do yard work. or take walks. it’s frustrating because I don’t have to eat much to put the weight back on

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Are you on invega too? What med are you on?

yeah I’m on the invega sustenna shot 234mg once a month. been on it now for about 13 months.

I had a few side effects and weight gain for the first 9 months, and then my side effects started to subside.

like I said I have to restrict calories, I haven’t been good at working out like lifting, but I take long walks regularly. I’m down to 150 pounds from 165 pounds. naturally in my youth I weighed 140 pounds lean until I was 30 really

Okay neat. So it is possible to lose weight on the shot. Okay thank you so much. I guess I just have to try intermittent fasting. Calorie restriction and some walking or running. Thank you again.

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no problem…best wishes to you

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Hi, i lost 40kg on xeplion injections in 1 year. I ate 1500 calories a day and mostly oatmeal and pizza buffet 1-2 times a week. I exercised nearly everyday minimum 1 hour a day on average, so it is possible. To add to it, i also quit smoking the same year :slight_smile: 3 years ago, went from 120kg to 80kg.

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Xeplion is the same as invega right? How many mg were you on?

searched on google, it say paliperdone on both xeplion and invega so i guess it is.
I was on 75mg, down to now 50mg. Disorganized schizophrenia btw :slight_smile:

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Wow same here. I was on 75mg and down to 50mg as well.

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I have lost 30ibs on Invega 75mg…

Nice, did you exercise and how often if you did? Did you restrict your calories?

Breakfast Either cornflakes with semi-skimmed milk or two slices of white toast with low fat butter
Lunch Salad for dinner (feta or halloumi cheese, lettuce, olives, calorie, apple, cucumber, radish, tomatoes, light salad dressing)
Dinner 400/500 calorie ready meal with mixed frozen veg.

I drank only filtered water and occasionally a coffee from starbucks.

I built myself up and walked 10 miles a day. I walked 5 miles in the morning (1.20 mins) than 5 miles in the afternoon or evening) I enjoy walking so that helped.

I lost about 10 pounds inthe first month but it slowed since then.

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Nice! Thank you!

Your welcome.

When you get into a routine it becomes easier.

I have been on Invega since July 2016 and am able to lose weight.

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You know what? Honestly I’ve found that the best way to lose weight is to walk. Not run, not jog, not heavy lifting just an enjoyable walk. Maybe through the forest somewhere? Every half hour burns about 100 calories. But the thing is, it’s so easy and enjoyable that it’s not even work. You don’t have to force yourself to do anything or put any stress on the body. It also keeps me from eating so I lose weight that way too so really you could say it’s more than 100 calories per 30 mins, if it keeps you from having a boredom meal then you save whatever you would have had. The easiest way to do it is to walk 30 mins, take a break and maybe read a book or do something in your phone, walk 30 mins, take a break etc. If you talk a backpack with a healthy lunch, a sweater, journal etc the bag will help you burn even more. If you do this a few times a week, I’m sure you could reduce that without even trying. Just a nice picnic in the park. The sunshine and birds will make you feel great too if you’re around nature. There’s something about being alone in Gods creation.


Yes I have lost weight.