Invega Sustenna weight gain

Has anyone been able to lose weight on invega sustenna? I’ve put on at least 20 pounds because of it :frowning: If you have lost weight on it, what was your dosage and how did you do it? And did you eventually switch to another medication? I was thinking of doing that.


I’ve lost over 30 pounds on Invega shots. Could be that the shot doesn’t cause the same gain as pills.

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I’ve only gained a few kg whilst on invega and that may have been due to bad diet.

I’ve lost like 10 kilograms since I started with Invega. Been using an app on the smartphone called Lifesum. It counts the calories u eat. And I’ve been on Invega injections since 2015. But most of the weight loss has been the last couple of months. Wanna come down to 80 kilos.

I also want to be 80-85kgs. Now I am 100

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I’m at 86 now. Almost at the goal.
I gained alot of weight when on Olanzapin.

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I gained 15kgs with risperidone. Now I am on olanzapine, haldol, abilify and I have not appetite

What did you do to lose weight?

Keep counting the calories I eat. I"m supposed to burn around 2000 calories per day in rest. So I try and keep my intake to 1700 per day. And any activities makes the weight loss go even faster.
But sure, on weekends I cheat a little. And the intake goes over 1700.