İnvega sustenna and give (lose) weight


Since i m doing heavy fitness (3 hours a day with 13000 steps) i succeed to gave(lose) weight. Since three months i gave 10 kg and continue. So i mean its possible to give weight on invega sustenna.


You mean lose weight? I’ve lost over 30 pounds on Invega.

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Invega made me gain about 8 kg, even though I was eating not much.


Yes there is myth about losing weight at invega sustenna. People complaining about cant losing weight on invega sustenna. İ just want to note that for this reason. And 30 pound great success on 234 mg i think. Because medicines slowing the metabolism very much but everything possible.


A lot of the weight gain is people giving in to eating too much. Just because you’re feeling hungry doesn’t mean you need to binge. I lost weight with portion control and not eating extra. I can eat anything I want as long as I keep small servings. It isn’t hard and I was the weakest willed person when it came to food.

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İ gain 25 kilo on invega sustenna but i lose 10 of it and my plan is lose all of it until end of 2019.i mean if we can doing it you can do it also. Because our metabolism not so different


Ive lost 15kg so far, lost all the invega weight now just have to lose the zyprexa and clozapine weight too!

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I gained 8 kg on invega sustenna but I was skinny anyways. Forget the weight, this drug ruined my brain.


İ dont know. İ think this medicine has great success on brain hormones. Before this medicine i wasn t socialising i m very socialise person. This medicine gave lot of positive thing to me with little side effects. İf you think this because of injection form you can try pill form.

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That’s great that it works well for you. My symptoms were due to very high copper levels and were resolved when they normalized so I don’t need APs now.

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Sure its possible to lose weight on invega . If you like feeling like your starving.

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I dont think they slow your metabolism. They increase your appetite and you eat too many calories.