To everybody who is/was taking Invega (xeplion): weight gain

To everybody taking Invega or Xeplion as its known in Europe. Have you gained weight while on this anti psychotic? How much? What did you do in order to lose the weight again? After you stopped taking the medicine the the weight drop by itself or did you have to exercise for it to come off?

I gained 25 pounds pretty quickly when I started invega. I then transitioned to respiridone. Same drug mroe or less. I didn’t gain any more weight than that but didn’t start to lose weight until I dropped the dose. No exercise was involved. I didn’t lose all 25 lbs. Lost about 15 of it, but I was probably to skinny back when my first break occurred.

I take it, my BMI is and has been a steady 21.8. It seems no weight gain over here at the rabbit manor.

I take low dose invega 9 mg if I don’t exercise and sit too long I gain weight overnight. I have been a size 6 and also up to size 16.

That’s pretty good. I just found a calculator. It would seem I’m overweight :smile: . 25.7 I’m using an approximate weight. I didn’t keep track of what the docs last said.

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Didn’t gain weight on this medicine. I lost 20lbs when changed diet to vegetiarian. Changed it to meat and fish but didn’t gain weight. It seems weight neutral for me. But I can’t shed the remaining weight though I don’t exercise.

well i gained like 60 pounds after taking this AP for a year. cant wait to feel normal again after the paliperidone is out of my system. perhaps ill start jogging again but ive completely lost all of my endurance and am basically at zero now. used to run 2.5 miles everyday before my schizophrenia.

That’s a lot. I used to be fit too before my psych break.

What did you use to do?’a

I did some more research on this topic and found out that the weight gain from invega might be caused by the medicines increasement of the hormone ‘prolactine’ in the body which is a female hormone needed to produce breastmilk. this prolactine is not only used for breastfeeding but has a strong effect on the metabolism of fat and makes it less effective than a person with low - normal prolactin levels. so the weight gain some people experience is due to not only being anhedonic but also because of a weaker metabolism. cant wait to finally have the invega out of my body so i can enjoy a normal life again and not have a hormone level that of a breastfeeding woman.

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