Going back to windows 7

So I’ve got my fill of windows 10. I’m reverting back to windows 7 on my laptop because I have a feeling it’ll run smoother and not be pressing itself at all times as the OS inflates with updates.

As an added bonus I get integrated Windows Media Center… which will hopefully allow me to stream video from my laptop to my xbox.

Pretty sure it’s a wise choice as I don’t do much gaming. It’s funny to retrograde technologically having sold my xbox one and now choosing to use windows 7 to optimize compatibility with the 360.

Also threw a water-cooler in my tower and am now about to enter into the realm of overclocking… I’m hoping it’ll reduce the load times in Fallout 4 and other games that use a high amount of texture compression. Not going to overclock my GPU at this point. Not even certain if I can overclock the 390 or if I need the 390x to be able to do so… something I’m about to look up I guess.

Just crapping into the keyboard to pass time and prove to myself that my mind is still working. It takes a few strokes for these babies to get cranking out words at full speed. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hope you all are having a good night. One more day of labor for me before a nice conservative weekend of chilling and finishing the rest of my meat/dairy supplies before going vegan. Gotta stop smoking too… but so do 90% of us here… I’ll miss the smoker’s brotherhood when I finally do… after that I’m just going to be off in somewhere land in my head filled with computers and cars and thoughts of resoundly thorough nutrition and good budgeting.

Life is leveling out. I’m bound to get a small raise and hit full time employment. I’ve got a 5 grand loan to pay off over the next 3 years… I’ve got to convert myself to being a homebody. Get a website and video game development studio further along the way. I’ll be posting a link to my website once I get enough info together. It’s about nutrition… through and through what the body needs on a fundamental level… geared towards veganism but with info on alternative diets beyond… bound to be a good learning experience for me and I’ll try to get all that info on there as concisely and clearly as possible.

indiemidwest.net is soon to be born. I’m hoping that through ad revenue I’ll be able to pay for the domain name annually and if I’m lucky and it gets at least decent traffic… .I’ll use the profits to pay for my internet connection.

It was missing in my long term dream of living on a self-sufficient farm. How do I pay for internet? Host a site that generates 100,000 views a month and take $200 to pay for a connection.

Still sorting out how to pay for property tax… but I also do plan on being employed for a long while here. Something will work out.

… for now… 3 to 5 years of this. I work as a baker… I have a few good friends… I live with Sz, but I am still free to dream and work towards making those dreams a reality.


if you’re having computer troubles either buy a new computer or use linux

windows computers are designed to have a half life forcing you to buy a new one at a certain point

using linux is ethical too

using linux myself does nothing for the linux community… I do have archlinux on my raspberry pi.

anyways man I shelled out for one copy of windows 7 long ago… and managed to trick windows 10 upgrader just about 4 times to get free windows 10 liscenses… so lol… ethics I ain’t concerned with. Though I do pay for xbox live.

I’ve played around with linux… it has it’s uses… but for general purposes windows is still far to applicable and compatible with all the softwares I like using.

console gamer I pity you

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I’m finding Windows 10 actually runs VERY well on more limited platforms. It runs circles around Windows 7 in that department. A lot of the bloat has been taken out of the OS and the stability vastly improved.

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meh… I’ve got steam breh…

bought to overclock my shiz too… all I really have on here is fallout 4. The 360 is just a solid platform and has a great library. The devices can compliment each other you know.

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I kind of like the Xbox. Don’t own one (married), but it’s got some tasty hardware for the price!

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I can imagine having to buy all my games twice.

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I pity the pity-er. The hierarchical minded needs objects which appear to be less than to feel greater than - what a sad deception! … and a bore

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they do have near identical system requirements… but my computer was designed well before windows 10 was in the works. It ran windows 8 well… but I don’t like the UI.

Windows Media Center will stream HD to the xbox over WIFI g… which means the 360 will make a good central entertainment unit… I mean it’s tough to get… “non-DRM” files to run on consoles anymore…

No it is more I feel shame to have the pleasure only to myself being a pc gamer.

it’s legal to torrent movies after you buy them

I upgraded a six year old HP to Win 10 just before the offer expired. It actually runs a lot faster now under the new OS – blew my socks off, really. Breathed some new life into the old system.

I find that Win 10 has a nice compromise between the classic desktop and the tablet desktop now. I’ve gotten used to the Win tablet interface (I basically own four or them).

this, if you aren’t part of the pc gamer master race, I have no clue what you are doing with your time

Seems you’re not alone! You’re all so much more alike than you realize, but in a negative way. [quote=“crsaen, post:14, topic:60792”]
pc gamer master race,

It might be a “race” indeed. Always being behind one or ahead of another since no one’s PC is the same, yeah? But not a race in that there is some kind of “unity” haha. Silliness. . .

Doing with “my” time? If Time we’re mine it’d be possible to stop it or look into the future/past.

[breathes in air] That seems to be as efficient a “use” of time as anything else!

From what you said, Windows 10 is a good OS like Linux.

Welp… it’s done… gotta say I’m pleased too… got one drive installed.

It’s more or less the same experience… I forgot how deep they let you change things in windows 7… windows 10 comes pretty streamlined and simplified and there really isn’t much I’d want to change…

but having the control panel as a menu right next to administrative tools also as a menu in the start menu… pretty sweet.

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Someone gave me the link to upgrade to Windows 10 after the offer expired. It is intended for those using assistive technology.

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I have problem with downgrading:

I want to go back to XP!

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