I really hate Microsoft Windows now

I just use my phone for everything.

But today I had to boot up my PC to copy files to a usb stick and it took ages.

I resent using Windows.

Any 3rd party applications I have on there are outdated, as there’s no automatic updates.

I consider myself lucky that I don’t actually need to use my PC regularly.

End of rant.


If I need to print or scan anything, I have to boot up my old laptop as windows 11 doesn’t recognise my printer and the drivers it needs no longer work.



Ah gawd. That doesn’t surprise me though.


There are the rolling release linux distros. You get the latest softwareupdates but it is not always stable. Then there are the distros that release updates once a year or so.
Most productive applications are not for the phone. I use the phone mostly for media consumption.


At least with linux, everything is in a repository, and you update things centrally.

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Windows is the best way for gaming, I have Win 11 and files copy very fast as I have a fast usb key and ssds. If you don’t game I understand, a phone can do everything unless you work on Windows.


If I ever wanted to get into gaming, I’d get a console I think. I can no longer take the pain of Windows! :joy:


Windows does me. But i do regret upgrading to 11. It really knackers Steam VR when your trying to stream to the Quest 2 wirelessly.Took hours to tweak the ruddy thing for Halflife Alyx. It does on my rig anyway.

Still on Hdd’s, ive got 3 SSDs i keep meaning to pay the shop to fit.


Consoles aren’t free of bugs! My brother and friend had to RMA their ps5 as it constantly crashes. Now only one game crashes rarely because of bad coding, cod.


I wish there was proper driver and software support for Linux. I tolerate Windows, but I’m not a fan.


I like my HP Chromebook. :slight_smile: It’s kinda like using your phone… but on a laptop. It’s got a lot of the same apps that I have on my Android phone. I get notifications for apps, calendar, texts, etc, on both my phone and laptop.

I like it. But it takes some getting used to.

Instead of using programs like Microsoft Word or Excel, I use Google Docs and Google Sheets. I like that it saves to the cloud and I can pull up the same documents on my phone, via the same apps.


I use a MacBook Air for watching shows/movies on the couch, and I have my desktop Windows PC for gaming and creative work like 3d modeling. I don’t think windows is bad, I think MAC OS is better, but you can’t really game on a Mac (except some games). Considered switching to Mac @everhopeful ?


I’ve considered switching to Linux but not mac. I used to use linux before I was diagnosed. But linux and mac have the same problem, that is lack of available software.

I just have my windows laptop as insurance really. In case I ever need it. But I really don’t like it.


I used to dual boot Lubuntu linux with Windows for fun and learning about Linux. Maybe I should do it again. I like that Lubuntu only uses like max 200mb of RAM and its much faster than Windows.


The booting of desktop or laptop is annoying. I don’t shut of my device anymore, but have it on 10 minutes before it goes into hibernation mode. That works pretty good for me.


Everything you said can be fixed by an SSD drive!


You can print from an iPhone. No software required. I don’t need a computer anymore.

Maybe same on android.


Yeah Windows has always sucked. It was a great idea when it first hit the market but now I do not care for it.


I was so disappointed with the 360 bc after a year or so I got the red rings of death.

The Switch has never failed me though.


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