Glycine versus Sarcosine


Since Sarcosine is metabolized into Glycine, would taking Glycine supplement have the same effect as Sarcosine?
Glycine is cheaper and easier to buy.


U can try both…!!! One on one sarcosine vs glycine…!!!

Keep us updated…


You would need much much more glycine. So it probably wouldn’t be cheaper once you adjust for the dosage.


I have no idea of the equivalent dose of the 2 drugs.
How much Sarcosine do people take a day ?


I have just bought some Sarcosine, I should get it on Saturday, I have Googled the dose for sz and it is 1-2g a day, so I am going to take 1500mg a day and see if it helps with my negative symptoms.


Yeah the equivalent dose for glycine was something crazy like 60 grams. Although some people take less and think it works.


Thanks for finding out the dose of Glycine, 60g would mean I would have to take 2 bottles of tablets every day. I hope the Sarcosine works for me as I have not found anything to treat the negative symptoms so far.


that high dose is reported to induce brain damage i can barelly tolerate 2,5 grams of glycine 3x a day warning!!!


Not that I would be taking 60 grams, but can you cite the case study showing brain damage?


ive read on a forum or glycine review site that a woman took that much to get better and got brain damage :frowning:
yes i know this is very very bad

i barelly could tolerate 2 grams 3 times daily i had to quit because i think my sinuses are somewhat infected or i have another condition i dont know about, i just took NAC for the first time and i feel relaxed and motivated already

twinklestars, do i need to take NAC twice daily 600 mg one in the morning and one in the evening for schizophrenia and anxiety and depression? :frowning: oh man


because theres a report that an women who took NAC showed significant improvement on 600 mg

but i need to take it twice daily right? my psychiatrist from Brussels Elsene has approved me taking it


On the NAC study they used 1g 2 times per day.

Glad it seems to be helping.


I had my Sarcosine delivered today, I have just taken 1.5g and I am trying it for a month to see if it helps with my negative symptoms.


I tried Glycine, didn’t notice much of anything from it over six months. Yet another supplement ripoff.


today i feel dizzy i think its the NAC i am 2 weeks on it


I have been on Sarcosine for 2 weeks now, it has not helped me at all with the negative symptoms but I do sleep better, I don’t think I will be buying anymore.
The only thing that I think would help with my negative symptoms is a stimulant medication, but I don’t see any doctor prescribing me that.


One article I read mentioned 60 mg. I don’t have the link right now. Hopefully someone can find it.


Isn’t sarcosine similar to DMG (dimethylglycine)? Sarcosine is n-methylglycine. Each time I google sarcosine, DMG would pop up as well as if they are similar?

I don’t have schizophrenia but I’m hoping my OCD would be eased with using glycine. I have never tried this of all things that I have tried! NAC is more for trichotillomania form of OCD.


60 mg wouldn’t do anything - all the glycine doses for sz are in the grams.


Sarcosine is much stronger than glycine and glycine has a hard time crossing the blood-brain barrier so you must take a massive amount for it to work (~60 grams/day, enough to make you throw up) sarcosine does the exact same thing in the brain, I would highly recommend taking it!