Dimethylglycine - sarcosine equivalent

In terms of dosage what is the equivalent of 500 mg sarcosine to DMG 125 mg?

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I am not sure but you might want to be careful with DMG, I tried it myself and it made me severely ill, I stopped it immediately and it lasted for several days before it stopped. I tried sarcosine and I am still on it, that worked great with no side effects.

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Talk to a doctor. Lots of supplements have interactions and just aren’t that good for you. People have been trying for years to find ways around traditional ap’s and ad’s and nothing comes close to efficiancy if you have schizophrenia. Supplements are just that. They can aid in treatment but aren’t a substitute even though a lot of unfounded stuff on the internet would say otherwise.


What side effects did you have?

And glycine?

I saw an article for sarcosine. Dosage used is 2 grams for schizophrenia.

And for glycine? What dosage for the same results? Dosage used was 50 grams ( 1 completed box of glycine pills! ). What do you think?

Glycine is far cheaper.

What is the cheaper equivalent of sarcosine?

At which dosage did you use DMG?

There are no side effects according to a website.

I really want try DMG which is far cheaper.

And TMG? It’s stronger than DMG?

Can I take a very low dosage of DMG and if there are side effects, I’ll stop this medicine, no?

never noticed an effect from DMG.

Thought I might add this to this discussion in case it interests you


At which dosage did you use dmg when you had some problèmes?

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