Gifted Schizophrenics

Any studies on the IQ ranges of the schizophrenic population?

The movie “A beautiful Mind” comes to mind in which the protagonist, a talented mathematician, develops schizophrenia


He won nobel prize john nash …


I think John Nash might have been doing something super secret and he was basically given schizophrenia.


I have read somewhere that people who develop schizophrenia loose an amount of IQ after psychosis.

I also feel a lot dumber since my first episode of psychosis.


Most schizophrenics are unemployed but some do work. The guy who played the kid role of Anakin Skywalker is schizophrenic.

I also feel like psychosis made me dumber. :frowning:
People tell me it’s all in my head but there’s research suggesting psychosis damages your brain.


Which movie…!!!

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Star Wars: The Phantom Menace

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I think it has something to do with the decline in cognitive ability.
I’m just so much slower with my thinking processes.

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Jacqui Dillion is a great example

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I also felt my mental abilities dampened after psychosis but I never took a test to check my IQ before and after

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@ajassat kem cho…???

I thought that too. Anyways, he’s an outlier. Most schizophrenics have lower IQs. I’ve read that we lie in the outliers. Like more than expected gifted people and such.

I probably would have been better off never going to college. I could have been a manager or business owner or developed a trade. Instead, I followed the crowd and racked up debt.

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@far_cry0 Tikh bhai

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Haha @ajassat u are mixing hindi and gujarati right… how old are u chap…??? What medication do u take.??

i think i have a good IQ but its not spectacular, i dont hold any weight with those tests tbh but they can be fun a bit like a horoscope lol


I will be doing a psychological examination in a few weeks in fact

I’ve gotten a lot duller cognitively since being diagnosed.
Especially in the last couple of years.

How does everyone deal with the feeling of cognitive abilities being ‘lost’

Do you think you’ll ever get them back?

Sure, statistically schizophrenics have cognitive deficits in various areas compared to healthy people.

That movie comes to mind but it only shows that if Nash didn’t develop sz he would have been an even better mathematician.