A Beautiful Mind


Did you see the movie “A Beautiful Mind”?
Do you think it realistically portrays schizophrenia?
Did you know that John Nash’s (the character in the movie) son also has schizophrenia?
This movie is a true story.
Did you know that Albert Einstein’s son also had schizophrenia?
So,many people that have schizophrenia are extremely brilliant with very high IQ’s…fascinating…


Not To Be So Judge-mental and Such … ,

but It Sorta Seems As If You Are Being Beyond Sarcastic … ,

Are You a Curious Stranger (???)

It’s not accurate at all… even if he had visuals liek that… it’s not common place at all…

also his wife was not jennifer connely… which is unfortunate for him


I think its a lot hollywoodish, not that accurate.

Do you have schizophrenia @kathyf?

Studies have linked high intelligence to mental illness. The problem is stress with schizophrenia. If you can control the stress than you have access to your own intelligence, but if your symptoms are severe it becomes disabling, so a brilliant person can become incapable of doing simple math, due to the exhausting symptoms of the illness. Not everyone with schizophrenia has access to their own gifts.

Science is not exactly treating the cause of schizophrenia. They’re treating it like a big mystery that can only be solved with happy pills which isn’t true. Science has proven that it’s a cluster of genetic abnormalities and each person should be taken on in a case by case basis, and have access to a medical cure, one that does not exist yet–but should not involve insulin shock therapy, trans cranial vibration/ the new electroshock, or brain surgery and other failed experiments.


The IQ graph for schizophrenia is skewed towards the lower range of scores, not the higher range. High intelligence seems to protect people somewhat against developing schizophrenia, so it is actually not that common. There’s also the matter of cognitive decline.

You really should look in the biography section of the library video section and you will find a nice biography about John Nash. It portrays him better and story is not twisted.

I understand John Nash’s family member who worked in mental care got his book “Beautiful Mind” published and it really was so twisted to make it interesting, it was more of a humiliation statement than a reality.

There is also nice video on Youtube where you get to see John Nash’s son who is an ivy league professor too, however he uses the psych drugs and suffers from a whole body parkinsons shake from tardic dysconesia.

Good points to gain from story:
*John Nash never used psych meds outside the hospital.
**John Nash kept running into people who recognized from school and would talk to them at length until he realized the roommate from college and his little daughter never aged…He was followed around by this vision for a while but eventually ignoring these two brought him peace. He also stopped talking to the voices in his head and eventually he was free from auditory hallucinations.
***After the movie, John Nash was set upon by every kind of strange one, weirdo, and confused delusional case until he eventually quit talking about any of his back story. He really didn’t even talk much to his wife with whom he shared her home either. But, it gave him some relief for refusing to discuss anything in the book any longer…
****Realize the politicians and wealthies like this reality we have to tolerate, we peasants get to enjoy a finite existence then die. We peasants will never be given a chance for any higher functioning or employment stability, because sadism over-rides all human drives and injustice has been chosen by the powers that be to segregate the wealthy from the poorer middle classes, and poor with use of mental abuse technology. There will be no justice for any of us, perhaps just a little relief by avoiding the community’s abusers/wealthies…You can have some enjoyment in your life when you finally ignore the bullies and worse, that’s it.
****John Nash kept fighting for life, liberty and pursuit of happiness for all but this is not the desire of the ruling class of the US, and he was silenced for his calls to be free of mental abuse terrorism used against humans.
******After a long and loud rant in an airport conversing with an old acquaintance, the cab wrecked on the way back home from the airport. Nash and his wife were not wearing seat belts and died in the crash.

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It could be just a case of our brains utilizing those more evolving parts of itself in quest of overcoming deficient parts of the brain.

Schizophrenics tend to be less intelligent. But I’ve read that the extreme cases of low intelligence and high intelligence at the tails of the distribution are more likely in schizophrenia. It seems that is why we have a bunch of gifted people. Unlike bipolar, where people recover and get famous, most people with schizophrenia get destroyed and never achieve anything.

My iq was estimated at 120 before the illness and now to be 110. Quite a disability that prevents me from finishing my ba in math. But still good in some sense.

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I had very high IQ-score until I got ill. My psychologist says I have “normal” intelligence now. I miss my rapid associations and connections I used to make. I used to love hard mind puzzles. I don’t manage them anymore. Math was a piece of cake. Now I can hardly help my son with his homework. I can’t think in other ways than what I still have access to. My son in 5’th grade teaches me alternative ways to easily solve math problems.


Is this a JOKE ?

99% or should i say 100% of Schizophrenia have below average or Mental retardation level IQ.

Someone ban this person.

I watched the movie, it was good, I think it is the minority of szs who have high IQ, to me paranoia, delusions and voices have caused some bad choices that normal people would have not done, I think that I was smarter before my schizophrenia.

Maybe there is just a window of opportune time when any person is at their optimum level of intelligence. May be schizophrenics are just there briefly for their own development and not to impress this world with any new knowledge, for God knows that we already have enough to destroy ourselves.

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You’re an idiot.


I would like to see the average IQ of schizophrenics. Someone posted here that it was 84 but I can’t seem to find evidence to back that up.

I had 135 prior to psychosis, don’t know how it is now. But I sense a decline.

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I think that sz causes the lack of concentration, critical thinking and logic, and then we have our voices, delusions and paranoia which all combined may cause schizophrenic people to make wrong choices, which may show as lower IQ than the normal population.

I think that schizophrenics may be more geared mentally to addressing any spiritual problems that man might be up against . Like the differences that religious beliefs have on individuals in their ways of thinking and there for their actions. Like in believing that the other guy is evil when in fact the other guy just seems to be the greater evil, in a sense. It’s just a matter of perspective, I think. What if there were no one for them to conquer but the greater evil? What would they be then?

I do not know if I get your point. Personally I try to be far away from any spiritual matters so that I would not get religious/spiritual delusions. I like to have things real, and for example us writing here is just streams of bits and bytes than come from our minds. I do believe that ways people think may vary depending on their circumstances and any specific situations, people think and animals behave according to their instincts.

Well I am an animal and I can write just fine. What do you think that the Polar Bears and other disgruntled animals would be writing about of this worlds on going Industrial Revolution and it’s effects on our atmosphere anyway? So on behalf of them… I speak, …for what else could such innocent creatures do for themselves.