About theanine

Can you talk to me about theanine?

I read about it but I’m not sure to understand. I saw that it improve positive symptoms in schizophrenia. But I never had any typical hallucinations, delusions thoughts or a typical psychosis. All my symptoms were atypical like real severe physical symptoms.

Do you think that theanine could help me and if yes, what could it improve? Maybe it could me because even if my symptoms are not typical, I take the same medication as you, especially an antipsychotic.

Thanks a lot.

I’m sure in the U.S. psychosis is required to be considered sz in the DSM. Are u sure u have sz? Theanine is mostly for anxiety. Do u really wanna take a supplement that messes with ur head. Sure anxiety is reduced, but do u wanna feel mellow all the time too.

Btw i took it and i didnt notice anything.

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If it has side effects then I don’t want it at all.

You asked me why I’m sure that I have schizophrenia. The fact is I don’t know. One psychiatrist said I have it, another one said I have not it. Also another psychiatrist said that I had psychosis and another psychiatrist said I had not.

As you see my medical record is a total mess. The doctors and psychiatrists are unable to agree about me.

Since I don’t know what I have, I conclude that I could have anything because I’m needing an antipsychotic to be healthy. I just do what I can with what the psychiatrists told me.

People who don’t have sz take it for sleep regulation and for anxiety.

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