Get a coffee with me?


I’m about to go make myself a cup of coffee. Anyone want to drink coffee with me? Have some small talk. Talk about that last that just walked past with the designer bag but her sandals are obviously a size too small because she probably cares more about her shoe size than how comfortable they are?



I’ll have decaf.


I went with cinnamon coffee with sweet cream creamer. Mmmmm


It’s only supposed to be like 65/18 degrees today and cloudy. Should be nice.



I haven’t checked the weather yet. It looks a little cloudy, tho.


When I make decaf I always use instant. Nescafe.


I switched to decaf. Sleeps at night :sleeping:


Yep long night ahead


I usually only drink regular before 8am, but I’m making an exception today because I’m so tired.


Why a long night?


When I was a teenager I have worn black jackets and jeans in the hot summer days cause I thought it looks cool. But i showed in the matter of fact what an idiot I am.


I can relate to this. I did a lot of dumb stuff as a teenager to alter how I was perceived.


I asked my parents about politics and they said I am to young to understand. Now I am an adult and still don’t understand it. I think no one understands it.


There a saying a good sentence to start a conversation is priceless. It’s worth gold.




I don’t enjoi coffee it’s just a drink for me


Only thing I understand about politics is that I don’t understand it


I don’t think anyone is ever too young to get into politics. It’s affects us all and we should all know what’s going on in the world.


That being said, I used to be really into politics but recently had to stop paying much attention because it was getting too stressful for me and I was getting really symptomatic because of it.


I want to go for a walk this morning because the weather is nice, but I’m really tired and negatives are getting the better of me.