Get a coffee with me?


Fun fact: a gill is an old school US unit of measure. It equals 1/2 a cup.


I am a nightshiftworker


I am used to walk 5 6 km a day… Is very healthy BC I don’t get much excersise


Isn’t to stressful to not get sleep at night?


I did not know that. Did you know the French tried to implement metric time? 10 seconds to a minute, etc.


I can only walk about 1km before I’m in a lot of pain.


I did not, but I totally support it. Metric for the win.


Hey @LED, did the coffee taste good?
I had my daily cup this morning, I kind of wish I’d had another one, but I don’t have any at home.

Might have a cup of tea later though.


Ayyyyyyyy :sunglasses: :point_right:


The coffee was delicious! Though I always drink it too fast. I wish I was better at sipping a cup slowly.


Yoga is easy on the body. It’s mainly gentle moves and breathing.


Coffee and cigarette my deadly vices :tired_face:


I do an adjusted type of yoga when I can. I have to be careful not to bend over, though, because I have a heart condition that causes me to pass out frequently.


It won’t help you lost weight…


I’m horrible at that too.
I’ve learned to let it sit for a few minutes so I don’t burn my mouth, but when I do drink it, I’m scared the temperature will go down so quickly that I just scarf it down.


Oh man, what I would give for a single drag off a cigarette. Sigh I quit smoking about 5 years ago.


Oh my gosh! Please don’t pass out doing yoga!

Only time I tried doing yoga I goofed and wore jeans. Yikes!!! 0/10


This is my problem, too. I like hot coffee so I drink it all while it’s still really hot. That’s why my favorite is bottomless cups at restaurants. I can drink a little and they can top it off and warm it back up!


I drink my coffees with milk. When I don’t have milk at hand I burn my mouth too. I think I am big cause I consume a lot of dairy products. But i can’t cut down on them.


Okay, but seriously, I saw a woman in a fancy part of town wearing really expensive clothes and a designer handbag and her shoes were at least a size or two too small. Toes hanging off the front and heel hanging off the back. Clearly she could afford shoes that fit. I totally don’t understand this.