Geodon increase, hallucinations worse than ever

I recently went from 40 mg geodon twice a day to 60 mg twice a day because of an increase in visual hallucinations. Well, it’s not working.

My visuals are worse than they’ve ever been. I’m seeing right now yellow spots all over everything, and little “light spiders” jumping across the keyboard. Most of the hallucinations are pretty benign and not scary, but yesterday I saw a little girl in the road and swerved to miss her, but when I looked again, she wasn’t there.

It’s getting dangerous. My question is: What do I do if I’ve tried almost every antipsychotic on the market and nothing works?


Have u tried clozapine…??? Its for treatment resistant sz… hope u find one sooner…

This is why medication is dangerous…it literally changes how we think and perceive things. Good or bad. No sugar coating, that’s brainwashing.


I haven’t tried clozapine. I’m a little scared of trying it because of everything that goes with it. Have you tried it?


No i am not treatment resistant… i am on respridal and seroquel combo…when is ur next pdoc appointment…

I had a lot of trouble on Geodon. I couldn’t stay on it.

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Not until the 28th. I already called my doctor’s office this morning, but not sure what they can do without seeing me first.

What kind of trouble, if I may pry?

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Akathisia and the beginnings of tardive dyskinesia. Most of my hallucinations are auditory (voices, footsteps coming up behind me, etc), but it didn’t get rid of them completely. Also it caused cognitive problems, and I had trouble thinking straight. And I had like no sex drive.

Maybe you should go to the ER.

I was prescribed 3 eighty milligram tabs of Geodon a day. I only took 160 mgs a day though but still got bouts of akathesia and narcoleptic episodes. I started taking the 240 a year later when things got really bad again but started getting tardive diskanisias effects. My point is maybe you’re not on enough geodon

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I’m curious. Did taking more Geodon cause a reduction in Akathisia symptoms?

That’s terrible. Hmm, I think it’s causing cognitive problems in me too. I’ll start talking about something and almost immediately lose my train of thought. I thought it was just the illness getting worse, but maybe not.

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I think much clearer now than I did when I was on meds.

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No,not at all…

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Did you try every available anti psychotic in the market already? if so, go for Clozapine the ultimate anti psychotic. If not, your doctor may put you on another anti psychotic.

I think You are over medicated. That is why you are getting those Tardive Dyskanesia symptoms(side effects). Generally doctors won’t prescribe such big doses of one drug. They add another drug and put you on a combination.

I’ve tried just about everything. I dunno if I’m willing to endure the side effects of clozapine just yet, although at this rate I’ll end up having to. Dunno if I can deal with this very long.

You need not worry. Doctors will take care of everything. You need to take blood test for WBC count every week, for the first 18 months of Clozapine treatment. After that it’s once in a month or so. Be cheerful and go for Clozapine treatment. Life is precious.

Update: The doctor increased my geodon to 80 mg twice daily and emphasized taking it with enough food.