Any successful medications?


Trying to find a new medication. Any that have had good effects or stopped the hallucinations and the voices altogether?


I’ve been on every atypical antipsychotic medication over the course of the last 8 years. I even tried Clozaril for a few years.

But the medication that worked the most for my hallucinations is Latuda. I’ve been on it for a few years now and I rarely experience any hallucinations. I still have some paranoia and delusions though. And some pretty debilitating negative symptoms. But, overall, it’s been a magic medication for me.

I hope you find one that helps you!




I am on Risperdal, and have been on it for a while now. Its a good medication at combating and getting to the core Schizophrenia symptoms like delusions and hallucinations. Its pretty harsh on the body though, I really can’t tolerate doses higher than 2 to maybe 3 mg. Good luck to you.


@wave I take 6-8 mg and feel weary and terrible all day, maybe I should lower the dose. The only time I can tell the medicine is working is when I take 4mg it in the morning, which helps the voice for 5 hours


Finding the right dosage is really between you and your doctor. For me a low dose works ok but i am on a mood stabilizer and benzo as well. I have taken 4mg before it worked well, 2mg for me works fine as well.


I am taking seroquel 125mg and Haldo 2.5mg. it does not work for me because I am still hearing voices. I have to wait til tomorrow to take 150mg seroquel and 1/22 to increase seroquel to 200mg. I hope it works. I am still waiting. Maybe I should try Latuda too. I am going to talk to my Dr. after 1/22 ,because we have to wait and see if seroquel is working or not.


Geodon did things for me that no other med has. However I’ve never had hallucinations or voices. There was a time I tried them all to see if they had better effects… However a couple of bad experiences curbed that eagerness.


Geodon, xanax and propanalol, im in remission. No psychosis when I sleep enough and take my meds on time.


I’m on a seroquel/latuda mix with a xanax chaser and I’m beating my negative symptoms and helping my memory and cognitive ability.

I still have my voices. (It’s too hard without them) I still have hallucinations both visual and tactile, but I use them to gage how I’m dong. If the hallucination is mild, (like my new imaginary cat) then I just deal with it. If it’s the big fire or a few others, then I know I’m getting stressed out and it’s time to back off of what ever it is that is happening.


clozapine 25mg to 100mg, risperidon 6mg.