What is Geodon like?

What experience do you have with this med?

My psychiatrist prescribed it to me to prevent future episodes

Is it more like Abilify or Risperdal?

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Its like Lurasidone (Latuda), Latuda was good for me at 80-120mg but needed Benzatropine to stop akathisia.

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I read yesterday you gotta eat 500 calories with it…

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@velociraptor takes a low dose with Amyloban 3399, a supplement. The combination works well enough for him to suppress his positive symptoms enough to do full-time work. He’s had SZ for decades.

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I see. I am not currently having any positive symptoms so would I even notice if the med didnt work?

You’re delusional and thinking your parents want to kill you. That’s a positive symptom.

I do not believe that anymore, I used to believe it

Oh, that’s good. Do you hear voices still?

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no i dont, i just heard like once and it may be a real voice actually

Well, that’s a bit of delusion. Voices in your head aren’t “real”, in the sense that they emanate from anywhere on Earth.

no i meant like an actual voice that everyone hears you know

If an external voice tells you a delusional thing, like someone is going to kill you, it’s still a hallucination.

I regularly hear external voices telling me the stupidest ■■■■, but not when I’m face to face. I have to filter it out.

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sigh i have never hallucinated it was just a misunderstanding of a real thing

It was really weak for me. It’s the favorite medicine I was on but i relapsed after a month on it. Some antipsychotics are too weak

well im not currently psychotic so it wont matter wont it?

Ask your doctor many people like it.

I tried Geodon once one night near the end of 2015. I went to bed early then woke up I think a few hours later to take a piss and I had some kind of a head high. It was similar to what I felt the first time or first few times that I tried Seroquel. My doctor took me off Geodon for some reason that was unknown to me so I can’t tell you how effective it is. I think @ninjastar is on it and can tell you more about it.


oh thank you, appreciate it

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How long you stopped meds without being psychotic? You need 6 months to loose your diagnosis.

like 2-3 months