Is this Geodon making my hallucinations worse!? 😱

I feel all over the place and wondering if I should call it quits, or just increase my dosage. I think it makes me hallucinate more. I’m on 20mg twice a day.

How long have you been on it? It can take a month for an AP to reach a steady state in your system.

Edit: but this sounds like a job for your doctor.

That seems like a low dose. I read that a low dose is more stimulating, but I could be wrong. I think you need to talk to a doctor.

My doctor was thinking of putting me on 80 mg 2x day.

I wouldn’t think so, but maybe you can talk to your doctor about it. I’ve been on 80 X 2 a day Geodon for a long time. If I were you I would review all the things in your daily life that have an impact on your psyche and your emotions. It might be something other than Geodon causing you to hallucinate.