Genetic Testing for antipsychotics?

Not sure if I technically belong here, as my current diagnosis is “schizoaffective” but I feel very lonely navigating something that no one in my life can really understand. So here I am. My question for everyone is this:

I have a ridiculously hard time with antipsychotics. Geodon made me lose control of my tongue, seroquel made me completely lose my appetite, olanzapine spikes my blood sugar too badly for someone with a family history of diabetes. So my new doctor convinced me to get genetic testing that would help map out which antipsychotic would work best for me. Is this a fairly reliable thing? Have any of you done this? I don’t want to get my hopes up but I’m just so exhausted with the constant hit or miss.


Welcome to the forum @mordsithredeemed

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I would say it’s very accurate to detect the conditions it was made to detect like polymorphisms that affect function of key drug metabolizing enymes, etc.

Initially, drug-gene testing was done on a the single-gene level. Multigene panels have now become available and are offered by a number of clinical laboratories.

Your doc will probably use the one that your insurance covers.

My psychiatric nurse gave me this test. It turned out I was on the right drug.

Not sure about the genetic testing. Just wanted to welcome you to the forum. You’re welcome here. Unfortunately held in also numbed my tongue. Not sure if you’re a fan of Terry Goodkind but your ID reminded me of them. There are others diagnosed as schizoaffective so feel free to join discussions or share.