Has anyone taken a DNA test to determine the best AP


I recently took a DNA test to determine the best AP for me. Don’t know what it said yet, have to wait 2 more weeks for my appointment.


Didnt know that was a thing. But, cool. That was a smart move on your part, skip the bs. I lucked out with abilify, no side effects 6 months on.


Medicare paid for it. I was surprised.


I won’t take a DNA test voluntarily. My DNA is my DNA by golly!


I did genesight testing to determine which meds would work best. I did it for a bunch of different med classes, not just antipsychotics. It included antidepressants, stimulants, mood stabilizers, etc. It also tested whether or not I metabolized folic acid correctly, which I think can affect how you react to antidepressants.

It was interesting to see.


I’ve had rough reactions to APs in the past, including hospitalization. So I welcomed the chance.


I may try this. I might have to come off of Geodon. Going to see a cardiologist. Will see what he tells me.


Genesight was the company that my pdoc used. He says that he has had several successful patients on this.


I was on Geodon for 10 years on and off. Mostly on. Gained 150 pounds on it.


I did the one where they swab your mouth for free. If I remember correctly my pdoc said if you make under x you can get it for free. I get my results tomorrow.


I was skinny as hell when I just took Geodon. Now I take Latuda too and I put on 50 pounds. My nurse practitioner freaked out about me being on Geodon and had me getting EKGs every six months. I take the max Geodon dose and finally got a bad EKG.

Schizophrenia wasn’t enough. Now I have heart disease. I hope this is reversible


@TomCat I know you are concerned about your heart, but it could be reversible.
I wish you well.